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  • Many people are back to work today, myself included

And we’re gonna see a whole tonne of ‘hustle porn’ ….

– waking up at 5am

cold showers

– read 57 books a month

And whilst I like the enthusiasm, it’s probably NOT what’s going to be sustainable.

So what you need to do is find a balance that you can live with.

Squeezing more time out of your day is great – Im a great believer in it too – but what’s not in these calculations is the life force or energy that you’re tking away from another area of your life – say kids and family.

And so a balance with the force is what’s required young Skywalker (there’s logic in that Star Wars stuff you know)

So for all means,. start the year with a bang, but when it falls off – what you’ll often find is that it falls all the way down to zero – and over the course of 12 months you’re actually in a worse position.

So here’s what to do

1. work on your non negotiables

For me – it’s Crossfit at 9am (starting tomorrow) which is what Ive done for the past 8 months and got great results from.

2. Identify the MAIN actions that will help you to push the needle a little bit more in a consistent manner.

For me – it’s just a book a month (Ive already identified some of them, and if I do more, then great, but thenice achieveable target of 1 a month is where it’s at for now)

It’s podcasting 3 times a week. And then turning that into more content

It’s identifying each month as a self contained unit of time – so what do we want to achieve in the business for January, whatr’s our content going to be, which clients need the most help to bring them up to being better organised and so on.

3. Adjust the course as nothing ever goes to plan

Let’s face it .. shit happens … and learning to let go of the original plan is vital to your growth.

Sometimes the plan will change for the better.

Sometimes the plan will change for the worse.

Sometimes, the plan will change and it feels like it’s for worse, and in actuality, it’s better 🙂

You won’t know until the end – and that may be years down the line, but the plan going off the rails opens up new opportunities for you that you would never have come across before.

So relax a little, the key for 2023 is to get / remain consistent in your actions.

If you just remain consistent on everything you do, I guarantee you’ll get better results than ever before.




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