Make Your WordPress Website Load Quicker in 3 Simple Steps..


There’s nothing worse than having a slow website.  Whether your surfing the internet, or your customers are on your website and suffering slow load times, it’s costing money somewhere down the line.

If a webpage takes longer than 2 seconds to load, the chances are they’re off somewhere else, losing you valuable prospects for your business.

So I’ve got 3 simple steps you can take to begin to speed up your WordPress website. Hope you can implement them in your website and save you losing customers due to slow load speeds.

Just 3 Simple Steps to a Quicker Website
Make Your Website Load Quicker in 3 Simple Steps
Step 1 – Work out which plugins are slowing down your website.
I personally use P3 (Plugin Performance Filter)  Once installed on your wordpress site, you can simply go to the plugins page, find P3, and click the ‘Scan Now’.
This will then tell you which plugins are slowing down your website as well as tell you how fast your website is loading. Useful for getting rid of plugins that are seriously slowing down your website.
Step 2 – Optimising your images for quicker load times.
I personally use EWWW Imagine Optimizer. You simply install the plugin into your wordpress site and click ‘Media, Bulk Optimize’ and click on the ‘Start Optimizing’ button.
This will go through all your uploaded image files and make them optimal for web delivery with minimal degradation in image quality.
Step 3 – Use a Cache Plugin.
So what normally happens with your wordpress website is that when it loads on a users computer, it goes to the database, pulls back the information it needs to create a .html page and serves it to the visitor.
What a Cache Plugin will do is store the most common html pages that get served and send that to the end user, rather than querying the database for each and every visitor.
This can drastically reduce the load on your server and massively speed up your website load times.
I personally use WP Super Cache.
And that’s it.

All 3 plugins are FREE !

I’ve provided links for each of them and installation should be quick and painless.

As always when messing with WordPress, make sure you have backups of everything (not just your database, but everything)

Hope you liked the email and I’ll speak to you in the next one.

In the meantime, if you want to chat about these, drop me an email back !

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Daniel Latto.

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