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May 28, 2015

The £300 Offer …

  • One hour initial session with me to work through your blueprint, come up with your plan of action and draw it out so you can see how it’s going to look
  • 2 further Zoom Call sessions lasting 45 minutes  each.
  • I will literally show you how to draw up a plan of action, then I’ll SHOW you how to implement it.
  • I’ll also offer you support throughout the implementation of that plan
  • This means you get RESULTS QUICKLY

It’s such a powerful deal, I’ve had to limit it to only a few clients.

Ready to Sign up for this One Off,
Value Packed £300 Package ?

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You’ve Never Had Business Coaching Like This Before

I’ve a Property Coach with 17 years experience in property.

I’ve been a Business Coach for the last 5 years. And I have hundreds of satisfied clients.

I’ve owned a successful lettings agency for 10 years which I sold 4 years ago.

At it’s peak, we drove 35,000 visitors a month to my lettings website.

I live near the Mediterranean Beach and try and work as little as possible (I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT a workaholic who ‘competes’ with others about how many hours I work)

On top of all that I’m a NLP Master, I’ve walked on fire and broken arrows with my throat, i’ve saved 2 suicides, numerous marriages and helped grow hundreds of businesses, enabling the owner to step away and do whatever they wanted to do.

My main focus is on helping people make more money – i’ve been in property for such a long time, I have a great reputation (and I actually coach some of the mentors who run the property events you hear about in the press)

Some of my Success Stories you can see here.  But not all of them as some want their privacy, and don’t want it to be know that I’m their coach (otherwise their clients would come to me!)


Ready to Sign up for this One Off,
Value Packed £300 Package ?

No More Excuses.

At this stage, you’ve been through the difficult times and maybe you’re STILL going through the difficult times.  Well I think it’s time to put a stop to that.  You want a way to make more money, then it’s time to take the RIGHT ACTION that can get you there.

It’s not about more training.

It’s about implementing.

It’s about not wasting another precious second of your time messing around, feeling at a loose end and wondering if it will ever work out.

You Only Get One Life – LIVE IT.

I don’t want you to go through to the end of your life, and as you look back at this period, you say to yourself “I could have been somebody“.

Instead, I want you to look back at it and say “You know what, I gave it my best shot“.

That’s all I’m asking. If all it takes for you to give it your best shot is £1,000 and the allocation of time, energy and effort to make your dream come true, then now is your opportunity to find that out.

Stick with me on this.  Come and sign up, and lets start making that difference together.

Ready to Sign up for this One Off,
Value Packed £300 Package ?

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