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Lease Option Deals

I love helping Property Investors take the hard work out of investing and buying high cash flowing properties at Below Market Value prices – i’ve just uploaded a bunch of lease option deals now added to the private members area – sourcing fees apply of course, between £2k and £4k depending on the deal.

These are great for those that can’t get a mortgage (yet!) or just want to get started.

Lease Option Deal For Sale


If you’re looking to build your wealth through the purchase of assets that puts money in your pocket each and every month through cash flow, then talk to me.

You can book your

Strategy Session here.

I love that moment when the ‘mist’ clears and the client gets clarity on what they need to be doing to finally get to be able to live that life they have always dreamed of.

We guarantee a return on your coaching fee on the first property that you purchase, subject to terms and conditions of course.

Speak to me, and let me see if we can get clarity for you too.


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