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May 21, 2015

Lease Option Deals For Sale

I love helping Property Investors take the hard work out of investing and buying high cash flowing properties at Below Market Value prices – I’ve just uploaded a bunch of lease option deals now added to the private members area – sourcing fees apply of course, between £2k and £4k depending on the deal. (These may not be available any more as obviously they either get bought or it falls through)

Remember, Lease Options are great for those that can’t get a mortgage (yet!) or just want to get started.

Lease Option Deal For Sale


If you’re looking to build your wealth through the purchase of assets that puts money in your pocket each and every month through cash flow, then talk to me.

Want to learn how to Source Lease Option Deals Yourself ?

Find out more about being a Property Sourcer and learn how to source deals including rent 2 rent, lease options and selling deals to investors.



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