Landlords To Launch Counter Strike To Governments Tax Hike on Landlords.


Fellow landlords contend whether the tax hike is legal or not by a Judicial Review

Steve Bolton, owner of Platinum Property Partners and Mark Alexander of have joined forces to challenge whether the governments potential tax hike is legal or not.

Steve Bolton, via his Facebook Page states

Landlords, property professionals and everyone else who benefits from this industry, please support a new and important legal and PR campaign…

I am co-leading this with Chris Cooper on behalf of the property investment and related industries, including our team at Platinum Property Partners.

We are aiming to legally challenge the British government in an action called a Judicial Review. It’s to fight against what we believe is an unlawful and discriminatory “Alice in Wonderland” Tax Grab ‪#‎Clause24‬

Find out all the details and how you can help, from 1am on Boxing Day, when the press embargo is lifted:

Property118 and Property Tribes and their members have been an integral part of making this happen and should be applauded and supported greatly. Please visit their websites to find out more and stay up to date.

The Telegraph, FT, The Guardian and many other media outlets will be running with this story from Boxing Day.

Let’s fight injustice, with legal justice!

Please share far and wide and pledge and support as much as you can. NOW is the time to act.

Please tag anyone that needs to be made aware. Thank you.

Initially needing to raise £15,000 to start the ball rolling, the target figure was reached within just a few hours.

Interestingly, they’re using the Solicitors owned by Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair in this legal challenge.

In his Facebook status, Mark Alexander said ‪#‎Landlords‬ I’m helping to raise money to fund legal action via a process called Judicial Review in order to fight back at the Government tax attack on our sector. Please copy my message and SHARE the link below”

The link is here : Judicial Review of Clause 24

My own personal take on this is a couple of things.

Firstly, I doubt it’s legal myself.

Secondly, the tories (of which I have voted in the past) never said that they were going to do this before they were voted in.  If they had, the result could have been somewhat different.

Thirdly, the tories will NOT get in in another 4 years time.  That boat has left for them.  The Labour party will struggle too, so there is a gap for another party to come in.  I’ll leave you to worry about who that may be.

Fourthly, expect rents to soar in the next 5 years.  A contraction of available property to rent can only lead to one thing; Rent Increases.

Thanks for reading – I’d love to know your thoughts,

Daniel Latto

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