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June 1, 2014

Kevin Green – The Wealth Dance ..

So there I found myself, on stage in front of 5,000 people doing the Kevin Green Wealth Dance – I didn’t even know the steps, but it was loads of fun to do, the nerves were simply HUGE, and just a few minutes beforehand, Former President Bill Clinton had just left the stage.

Kevin Green Wealth Dance

Fancy that, Bill Clinton as our warm-up act !

(I’ve never seen so much security for anyone in all my life!)

So – here’s the video of the Kevin Green Wealth Dance – I’m on Kevins right (as you’re watching the video) – honestly … not a clue what I was doing (can you tell?)

Haha, so here it is :

You know this is a few years ago now (It’s 2018) as I’m reviewing this – but it was an absolute hoot and I appreciate the opportunity (although I didnt at the time as I was just soooo nervous!)


Good times.

As a friend of mine says “If you have a decision to make, always make the one with the best story attached”

Author : Daniel Latto

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Kevin Green Wealth Dance

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