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  • Just 3 full weeks left to Christmas.
December 5, 2022

So how you going to use it ?

There’s not doubt that many people slow down a little, including myself, even though we’re trying not to !

I think we’re all searching for that Christmas feeling given what’s going on in the world.

If only the Nurses would take a pay cut, that’ll sort Putin out according to one of our glorious and extremely well off Consertative Government Leaders.

And if anyone should know what it’s like to live on the breadline, it’s the guy (with an estimated net worth of £100 million) who spent £5,000 of tax payers money on keeping his horses warm.

Anyway – where was I.

Ah yes … Christmas spirit … 3 weeks left.

If you already have a plan for the year, you just need to review it.

If you HAVEN’T got a plan for these final 3 weeks left of the year, is there something that you can get set up so that when January comes around (in a blink of an eye no doubt) you can hit the ground running to make 2023 one of your best years yet, by simply being prepared for January.

I know we’ll want to hang onto the that Xmas feeling between Xmas day and New years day – those days are magical for so many people aren’t they.

For us entrepreneurs, it’s often the only time we can truly feel like taking time off, as nobody expects you to really be available anyway.

So perhaps that could be one of your goals for 2023 – to get to the stage where you can take time off, and if shit hits the fan, you have somebody in place to handle it for you.

That leaves you to do bigger things.

As we’ve grown tremendously through 2023 (mostly from my focus being much more on the business), I can tell you that removing some of that mundane things out of your business life can improve your business massively.

It’s not just about more money, it’s about more people working for you to take the slack so that you can truly have time off.

So maybe your plan for the next 3 weeks would be to have a plan for the next 12 months. Would that be a good use of your time ?

I love planning – as I look back at the last 10 years, and the plans I had back then, they’ve definitely evolved as I’ve evolved, and many of the goals have been hit, or it turns out they weren’t as important as I thought they were going to be.

Whatever it is … don’t let this weird business time before Christmas get away from you.

Make use of it.

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