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In recent years, the landscape of property investment has been changing significantly, and crucially, an opportunity for sourcing properties below market value is once again more than viable

Property sourcing is pretty simple as a concept.

It’s the identification, research, and acquisition of property, looking to buy either below market value, or to buy property that has a high yield. It involves identifying undervalued or low-risk investments in the property market, allowing investors to purchase these properties at discounted rates and subsequently resell them at a higher price, or keep them longer term as a buy to let investor

For me personally over the last 20 years, this strategy has shown a substantial potential to yield high returns on investment with minimised risk. (There’s still a risk of course, as there is with all investing)

Property Sourcing – Why Now?

There are several reasons why now is a favourable time to start sourcing properties below market value.

Lets face it, the global economy is in a state of flux with various sectors, including property, experiencing volatility and whenever its a crazy time, someone, somewhere is always making money. As such, there are opportunities for savvy investors to identify undervalued assets and make strategic investments.

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There are practical advantages to sourcing properties below market value. By working with property sourcing companies, investors can access an array of benefits. These firms offer time-efficiency, networking opportunities, and industry expertise. They can also help negotiate the best market value for a property, overcome various investment barriers, and provide tailored services based on the investors’ needs.

Another major reason to consider this approach now is the increasing interest in property investments by potential investors who are fed up of working all hours to not really feel like they’re moving forward.

Recent research indicates that 71% of investors are interested in pursuing property investments. This demonstrates a growing recognition of the potential rewards of property investments, suggesting that those who can source properties below market value will be at a competitive advantage.

The Pandemic and the supply of property

Lastly, the pandemic has drastically affected global supply chains, causing disruption in various sectors, including property. This has led to increased awareness and need for a more strategic property sourcing approach, which is where sourcing properties below market value comes in.

These challenges have made it more necessary than ever to adopt innovative approaches like sourcing properties below market value to maximize profitability.

So with the current economic landscape, the practical benefits of property sourcing, and the increasing interest in property investments all make this an optimal time to start sourcing properties below market value.

With thorough research, careful planning, and smart management practices, investors can tap into the lucrative potential of this strategy.

But how do you learn how to source properties?

You can of course go on the various weekend courses that charge a couple of thousand, or there’s another much more cost effective method, with my £27 Property Sourcing Training.

It’s comprehensive. One of the best bit of feedback that we get from our course is simply how much content is in the training.

There’s literally everything you need, and there’s zero fluff.

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