Inspired B2B Marketing with Xerox's Leah Quesada


“Be inspired by the idea that Marketing can move the business forward.”

–Leah Quesada, VP of Marketing, Xerox

“Very insightful.  I wish my marketing people were that ‘switched on’…”

–Anonymous marketing leader, referring to an on-stage interview with Leah Quesada of Xerox

The best marketing is often inspiring, isn’t it?  To get that, you need inspired marketers.  But in too many B2B organizations, marketers come to feel trodden on.  Beat down.  Misunderstood.  Snuffed out.

Here’s a dose of inspiration for you.  Earlier this year, CEB Marketing profiled how a division of Xerox used commercial insight* and a Challenger Marketing approach to revolutionize the way it sells color copiers to schools.  The team, helmed by VP of Marketing, Leah Quesada, turned its standard “product out” marketing approach on its head and instead led with insight – specifically, the fact that kids learn better in color.

We caught up with Leah last month in Las Vegas at CEB’s Sales and Marketing Summit and asked her a few questions about lessons learned and how she and Xerox are pushing forward with commercial insight.  Check out her answers below.

“Get your feet wet.”  When we asked Leah her advice for those at the very start of the commercial insight journey, she had three tips:Get started by forming a small and agile team to conduct an experiment.Exclude people who are already “experts” in the topic – they won’t be open to new ideas.Be inspired by the idea of Marketing making a difference.

  Challenger Marketing: Get Your Feet Wet

“Outside in.”  The results of Xerox’s commercial insight efforts in the education space have been overwhelmingly positive, so much so that Leah has applied the same principles to a new product platform recently announced called Connectkey.    She explains here how commercial insight totally changes the approach to marketing – instead of an “inside out” approach that starts with the product, the team is working “outside in” by starting with an insight about how knowledge workers work today and how Xerox’s new platform can uniquely address the challenges.

Challenger Marketing: Outside In 

Want to know more?  Read about Xerox’s insight journey, including impressive business results, by downloading a snapshot case study here. (just click the “Download Epilogue” button)

* A commercial insight is our (supplier’s) knowledge of a problem our customers have that they either haven’t realized, haven’t realized the significance of, or have always thought was just a cost of doing business. 

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