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  • I got ripped off by a handyman last week.

Yup, I got ripped off by a handyman last week.

New guy.

When I started checking up on his work he got all defensive, and then came the ‘how dare you’.

I told him where to go. He kept the paint I bought.

Yeah … devastating.

But I see so many business owners not take a chance on something that may ultimately

1) Save a shit load of time
2) Create some amazing videos and images and .pdf’s that website visitors can download
3) keeps them in front of their clients eyes on social media

But they don’t do it, because what if it doesn’t work.

What if they don’t like it.

What if it DOES work – what then – how would they scale the business.

Fear, fear, fear.

And it stops them from growing their business.

A life built on what if’s.

Just look at what we created for one client this month (on the £595 package)

Quick month update/summary

91 Images / 3 Videos / 5 Blogs including :

10 x Blog Images
1 x Infographic for blog
12 x —- —- Images
12 x —- —- images
12 x —- —- Images
12 x —- —- Images
12 x —- —- images
4 x Customer Feedback images
8 x Recruitment Images
8 x Motivational images
1 x PDF document
1 x Quarterly Newsletter
1 x Ebook/guide creation
1 x A5 Pricing Insert
1 x Welcome Pack
1 x Team Page Update
6 x Landing Pages
6 x eBook updates + changes
3 x Promo Offer Videos with Subscriptions
5 x Blogs Proof-read and Published.

Now that is one crazy arsed motherfucking month of content.

What do you think – think that helps a business get more clients ?

Now image doing ALL of that yourself !!

Lol, that’s literally a months worth of work for just one person.

And we did it all for £595.

Now – not every month is like that for sure – but this month was as they needed it.

Next month is likely to be quieter seeing as we got a load done for them.

Or … you could stay in fear.


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