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The film, Highlander is 32 years old this year!!

I remember watching that back when I was just 14 years old and loved that film.

I'd seen it so many times I knew it word for word.

Looking back of course now, over the last 32 years, I probably would have been better off creating content for my business (Yes, at 14 I had a business selling floppy disks)

There was no internet back then, but we had fax machines - and I just sent out pricelists - if only I knew back then what I know now about writing engaging copy !

Really, I should have been building personal brand.

Just like many business owners should be doing today.

I should have been sharing stories and showing people how to use their computers whilst getting paid for it along with those 5 and a quarter inch floppy disks (remember those!)

But no, Connor Mcleod running round chopping heads off immortals was what got my attention 🙁

It was so easy to be distracted back then, and it's even easier now with all the social media accounts we need to check in on, and Netflix and so on.

But look, we're either creating content, or we're watching/reading other peoples content.

And if you're not creating content, and driving people back to your website so you can target them later on via Facebook Ads, then you're missing a trick.

But I know for a fact that most businesses aren't creating content, they're not creating images, they're not driving traffic back to their website to try and get email opt ins to communicate with potential customers.

They're being distracted by cute cats, or Brexit, or something else of no value. (Or getting into arguments with strangers who won't change their point of view)

Instead, what you should be doing is

- finding a way to get their website optimised and found on google,

- setting up their facebook ads re-targetting to hit those who come onto the website,

- creating images to remind people they exist,

- going live on Facebook and then

- uploading that to YouTube and then

- pulling out the audio to create podcasts.

But none of that gets done (mostly because people don't know how to do it and they haven't got time to do it)

And they're missing a trick.

My quarter of a million YouTube views for example.

My hundreds of thousands of podcast downloads

My daily private messages I get from people asking for help

My content that gets sent out, and re-purposed later on that drives more people back to my website and into a conversation (Message me - see for yourself!)

Because when you put yourself out there .... good thing happen.

And that's where we can help you get your content out to a new audience who will engage and buy from you.

Because we do everything I've just gone through for clients.

And it's for one cheap low monthly price that will keep your business churning out content from one month to the next.

We schedule it all, we create the images, we optimise your website - and if there's something extra you need help with, we can help with that too.

Come and take a look www.daniellatto.co.uk/smma

Because, and you know where i'm going here Highlander fans, there can be only one.

(Que the Queen music)

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