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Like a lot of business owners, i’m “blessed” with a healthy dose of what some people might call “attention deficit”  – Sometimes, I can’t sit down and just chill – I have to be doing something.

I’ve never really attached such negative connotations to this ability to keep going, this ability to keep on coming up with new ideas, to not sit still, instead, I developed a way to use it  in my businesses.

And the real reason why I’ve been able to get this natural excitement about life, and really, I mean REALLY use it, is because i’ve always had a plan.  A proper plan, you know, like a “proper” grown up would have.

Let me give you an example.  I always knew that I would have a lettings agency.  I always just knew it.  I had planned for it when I got to my 20th property, in fact it was around my 10th property purchased.  This was always part of the plan when I first got into property.

Another example was when I bought my first Porsche 911 Convertible.  Three years prior to buying it I was sat in an office in Bristol having just got a company car.  I was looking to buy the biggest pile of junk of a car for as little money as possible, simply to insure it.

You see, when you have a company car, your “No claims bonus” runs out after 2 years and you go back to zero.  I had a full no claims bonus.

And when a colleague asked me “Dan, why are you buying this piece of shit?”  – my response was “So that when I buy my Porsche in 3 years, I’ll still have my no claims bonus”.

Oh how we laughed … thinking this was just a pipedream …

Pretty much 3 years to that date, and i’d just bought my Porsche  911 Convertible in bright Yellow – and I went to show they guy who I had had this original conversation with.

And he said to me “Do you remember three years ago – almost to the day, and I laughed when you bought that old piece of shit car … because you were going to get a Porsche … and now look at you” … you see, (and this is the important bit) unconsciously, it had always been part of the plan.

And thats how I deal with my attention deficit issues, I have a plan, and I stick to it, and I carry it out, and I don’t give up until I get the result I want.

You see, most people give up when they don’t get the result they want, they try 99 times and give up, yet the 100th time could have been the one they want.

And herein lies the lesson, you have a plan, and you stick with it.  You carry out that plan until you get the results you want – and you don’t stop working the plan until you either reach that goal, or you come up with a better plan.

So, let me recap quickly :

1.  I have a plan


3. I carry out the work according to the plan

It’s pretty simple isn’t it?

But if you only do one of those 3 things, then you’re not going to get the results you want.

Show up without a plan, and you’re just firing ‘hope’ off into the universe.

And if you have a KILLER plan but can’t commit to the dedicated execution of that plan thats needed each and every day, you’ll still not get the results you want.

So, work out the plan, show up, and work that plan until you succeed.

Author : Daniel Latto

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