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November 3, 2022

If you’re looking to increase your income in your business, then the way you’ve been marketing your business may well need to change.

In this modern era, we know that trust is at an all time lowest, and most people don’t trust the stuff that’s placed in front of them.

Our politicians lie, our mainstream media lies (or purposefully ignores certain data) and the social media we consume is often lies.

For example yesterday, I saw a very comfortable heated office chair in an advert on Facebook and I thought “You know what … I’m going to have that”

When I clicked the link, it was … £55. An obvious scam on a chair that should cost at least £300.

So I reported it. And then later again, I saw a very similar advert for something almost the same and reported that one too.

But this is where we’re at now, lies seem easy enough to just roll off the tongue and so nobody believes anything anymore.

So, how do you conquer that?

You build trust, by being consistent in your messaging and by demonstrating that you’re around, ready to do business and that you’re not some fly by night company.

One of the companies that have really got this tied in well is Amazon and their amazing customer service.

On the times I’ve had an issue, they’ve either re-sent the item or refunded almost immediately – which means I’ve now built up that level of trust with them and it makes it an easier purchase the next time.

But that’s the thing about TRUST … is that it takes TIME to build (and only a split second to ruin)

Also, some sales are transactional (like say a bluetooth speaker from a shop), so is a quite transactional purchase and then some sales are more consultantative .. like what we sell with our Digital Marketing Agency, which requires more than one phone call sometimes.

In addition, much bigger ticket items (Our top product current is £24,000 a year) need a bigger amount of trust and credibility to sell into.

And the more of that you can create, the easier it becomes to make the sales.

And that comes down to a couple of things in your business

– Fresh up to date content

– a website thats modern and displays some of that content you’ve just created

– Streaming LIVE to talk about the product, or service, or your business, or your customers etc

– meeting people face to face where possible to build up relationships.

– being consistent in your approach

This is also why when you start up a new business, it’s so much harder to get traction at first, and then it slowly starts to grow as your business does.

And it’s easy to want to give up in those early days, but I firmly believe that if you can solve the ‘trust’ issue, you can accelerate your business growth …. and all of that comes down to content and by being seen almost every day if possible.

Yesterday, we got recommended for helping someone with their Facebook Ads and we’re speaking later today – so whats interesting about this is that the person who recommended me hasn’t used us for Facebook Ads in the past, but still recommended us BECAUSE

– we’ve known them for over a decade

– they know we’re the type of people we are who want to genuinely help other people

– have seen some of our results that we post online

– have seen our expertise demonstrated both on our Facebook Lives, and by our written content like this one, consistently, over time

So it works .. even for someone who wasn’t our target buyer – we got a recommendation for it.

So again, it just comes down to

– Being Seen

– Gain Credibility

– Demonstrate expertise

– Be present

– Be everywhere at all times

– Be consistent

You get this lot right, then you’ll find your ability to close more business will improve all on it’s own without any change to your sales processes, discounts or anything else that people think is important.


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