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December 27, 2015

In this video you’ll discover how to stop a bad habit permanently and create lasting change in your life.


A lot of our habits are based on our identity.Our self-talk makes a big difference when it comes to forming that identity.A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research tested the words people use when they’re tempted by a bad habit.Group 1 was told to use the words “I can’t” while the other group used “I don’t” when considering unhealthy food.When they ended the study, both groups were offered either a chocolate bar or granola bar (perceived to be more healthy) to thank them for their time. The researchers were measuring whether participants would take the relatively healthy or unhealthy choice to match their new identity.While 39 percent of people who used the words “I can’t” chose the healthier option while 64 percent of the “I don’t” group picked it over chocolate.The conclusion of the study was that using “I don’t” instead of “I can’t” lead to more “psychological empowerment.”It’s often a case where someone who commits to vegetarianism or a strict vegan diet has no problem sustaining that diet.And that same person might have tried multiple different calorie control and macro tracking methods before.Now, the difference is simply that the new “extreme” boundaries set by a vegetarian or a vegan diet allowed these people to form an identity.By doing so they not only managed to stick with their habits easier but they also conserved more willpower in the process.Since the person already decided beforehand what the diet wil be when the situation arises where there’s junk food the person doesn’t have to make that choice.This leads to less decision fatigue and ultimately to more willpower.Note: With this video I don’t mean to say that vegetarian or vegan diets are superior by any means.They’re simply a good everyday example where identity trumps all other methods and attempts at making lasting behavioral change.

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