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October 15, 2018

I still to this day find it amazing that people know they are working too hard, they know they are literally doing everything in their business, and yet they still refuse to outsource it.

- they won't do it as well as I can
- I'm a perfectionist, it has to be perfect

At some point, you're going to to have to let go of some of the stuff in your business.

At some point you're going to reach a point where all this time consuming stuff needs to go to a 3rd party.

The only question is when.

Do you keep going, putting in the long hours, scheduling social media, creating images, editing videos - or do you just go 'here, you do it.

Just this last week, on behalf of clients, we created a total of

- 126 images

- 36 videos

- wrote 2250 words for 3 seperate blogs

- created 2 brand new landing pages (both of which are taking payments and client oboard)

- 2 new websites

- fixed a clients broken website

- created 17 email follow ups for their email sequence

- scheduled countless social media posts

It's literally taken a team of 5 working 40 hour weeks to produce, edit, schedule, write, post, create all that stuff.

And yet we see people still trying to do THAT themselves.

Because it saves them a few quid.

And yet they still wonder why they have no time.

They still wonder why they can't grow their business.

And they still wonder why they're so damn exhausted all the time.

Outsource it.

It's not even like what we do is rocket science (ok some of it is a bit like rocket science) - but mostly, it's just time consuming stuff.

Could you get your 15 year old neighbour to do it ?

Sure - if you want a 15 year old writing for your business and presenting it online for the world to see, and you have the time to train them up.

Or you can use us, where we have specific people for specific jobs, who just do that one thing for our clients.

If you want to try and outsource it - then take a look - £250 a month will get you all of the above and more


Or you can save yourself £250 a month, and keep doing all this time consuming stuff that gets few results.

The key in social media, is who can get noticed.

That's it.

Social media isn't event the right name for it.

It should be called 'who can stand out the most in a sea of noise' - but that doesn't sound as exciting somehow.

Up your game, and get more content produced for you and stand out.

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