LinkedIn can be a great tool to connect with people from your industry and also your audience.  I have found it to be a great tool and continue to grow my connections on a regular basis.

Sometimes though you might have a connection on there that you no longer want to be connected to and it’s time to give them the heave-ho.

Reasons To Remove A Connection On LinkedIn

Unfortunately as with all social media platforms, some people on LinkedIn are just spammers.  All they do is spam links all of the time and don’t post anything of value to you.

There are also people that you have connected with for a particular reason and now there isn’t a reason to remain connected so you just want to let that contact go.  You may have a personal or a business related dispute and you would rather disconnect from them.

It could be an old work colleague that you didn’t really like when you were working there but you had them as a contact because you felt obliged to.  Now that you aren’t working with them anymore you can let them go and not have to be connected anymore.

It could be that you have a contact that has certain political or religious beliefs that you don’t want to be connected with.

In fact there could be any number of reasons that you want to become disconnected with someone.

How To Remove A Contact On LinkedIn

I have put together this quick video showing you how to remove contacts from LinkedIn and also how to block or unfollow them of that is your wish.

Take a look and you will quickly learn how to do this.

So now that you know how to do this, you can now work your way through your contact list and remove those people that you don’t want to be connected to anymore.

Building up contacts can be a great tool but sometimes you just don’t want to be connected to someone anymore.

Now that you have this simple guide to follow you can remove as many of them as you wish.

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