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This suggests that you had the momentum to begin with.

It’s also assumed that the work you’re doing is actually moving you forward to your goals, rather than working for the sake of being busy.

We all do it, so it’s perfectly natural.

But in my experience, it’s those that are super focussed on what the actual goal is, that actually get there quicker, without being distracted.

And therein lies the problem.

Most people haven’t yet got the goal very clearly defined. I mean … incredibly clearly well defined – what will it look like, what will it taste like, what will you say to yourself, how will it feel to you, what will others say to you, what will the achievement of this specific goal give you, and so on.

My NLP Coach would tell me “A problem well stated is a problem half solved”.

But many don’t get really clear on what they really want, it’s just kind of this fluffy outcome that’s kind of in their heads, it’s not written down, it’s not clearly defined, there are no boundary conditions to define what this goal is, and more importantly what this goal isn’t.

So how CAN you get momentum without fully knowing what you’re heading towards.

How do you keep on going in that general direction unless you know what the outcome is likely to be, chances are you’re likely to give up under the pretence of ‘I never really wanted it anyway’.

How do you get certainty when you don’t even know what this result will look like.

So momentum starts with clearly defined goals.

If they’re not written on paper, and right in front of you (not your desk drawer), then you’ve signficantly reduced the chances of reaching them.

Momentum starts with clearly defined, very specific goals.

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