How To Get Absolutely Anything That You Want In Life


Today I want to talk to you about how to get anything that you want in life.  As humans we are always striving for more than what we have.  It’s a natural progression for us and it is that part of us that has created all of the amazing things we have these days.  Everything that you own is because someone out there wanted to make something better than what they had and you in turn wanted to have that thing.

I have found through life that getting the things that you want is much simpler than people believe.  We often try to complicate things and make them appear more difficult than they really are.  Our beliefs and our identity shapes our world so we purposefully put blocks in our way and say things like “Oh that’s what other people can do/have/be but not me”.

The truth is that it is much simpler than you think and basically boils down to just three things that I am going to share with you here.

Learn About What You Want To Achieve

learn-about-your-subjectLet’s be honest here.  If you want to be a marketer and you don’t know anything about marketing, you are going to have to learn about marketing.  Yet people want to have so many different things in their life without being willing to out the same amount of effort into learning.

If you want to lose weight effectively and in a healthy way, you are going to have to get some up to date knowledge about nutrition and exercise.  The things that were the gospel in the 70’s, 80’s or even in the 90’s are often found to be wrong these days.  I remember in the 90’s that I was told if you want to lose weight then you must go out for a jog and do sit-ups to lose the fat around your tummy.  These days it is proven that this is one of the most ineffective ways of achieving weight loss.  The best way these days is using heavy weights and having your nutrition set to what works for your body depending on it’s own specific needs.

That’s the difference you have to strive towards if you want to get places fast.  Find the leaders in the industry you want to learn from and find out what they are doing TODAY and not what they were doing last year or even last month.

You shouldn’t spend all of your time learning waiting for that right moment to come along though.  90% of the time that perfect moment never comes along and you end up getting nowhere, which takes me to the next point.

Take Massive Action

take-massive-actionIf you want to get traction you have to put your foot on the accelerator.  Here’s the reason why many people don’t.

They are so afraid of failing or succeeding.

To advance beyond the theory that you read in books, listen to in podcasts and watch through videos you’re going to have to go out there and make some mistakes.  Every time that you do something new and fail, you fail forwards.  Failing forwards is necessary for success.  It is how you learn what works beyond the books and what you need to learn about or improve next.

Let’s say for instance that you go to buy your first property and you have read all of the books you needed and done your due diligence on the property.  You find your first tenant, get the contract signed but a few months in they miss their rent payment and you haven’t set up a system for how to deal with that as effectively as you would like because you trusted them.  You haven’t failed in a negative way.  You’ve learned that even though tenants can appear to be trustworthy you still need to have a system that kicks in if they don’t pay their rent that very day.

So what do you do?

You go and learn about systems that others use for non-payment of rent and put one in place.  Then the next time it happens you put that system into effect and you see what happens.  If it works well, keep doing that each time that someone doesn’t pay on time.  If it doesn’t work as well as you would like, you then go and learn about how you can make adjustments or implement a totally different system.

1495366By not being paid 1, 2 or even 3 times, you haven’t failed as a landlord.  To put it into perspective, how much more do you now know because you got in there and took action compared to before you started?  Now you are an actual landlord and not just a wannabe playing pretend about what they might do one day.  You are so much further ahead than so many other people on this planet even!

You need to keep taking action even in the face of the third point.

Get Used To Being Rejected

learn-to-accept-rejectionThe fear of rejection paralyses a lot of people.  They are so afraid of people saying “No” to them that they never get anywhere or make any deals at all.  People are going to reject what you propose to them but they are not necessarily rejecting you, however, some might be but that is fine too.

You are making a proposal to someone yet you don’t always know what is going on with that person.  They might have something going on in their life right now.  They might not be in the right place at that time to do a deal.  Your deal might stink and you might need to go back to step 1 to create better deals.

Take the rejection, learn from it and keep pushing forwards.  Far too many people give in at no.  It’s the 3 feet from gold analogy.  They get so close to a breakthrough but then give in and walk away.  What does the person with a stronger will do?  Do they look at the tunnel the last person made and give up as well?

No, they jump in there and start digging until they get what they came for.

That’s what you need to do.  Don’t take no as no.  Take it as “Not right now” or as “What can I learn right now that will create a yes next time?”

You have to go through plenty of no’s to get to those yes’s.  Take it on the chin and keep going.

Follow these 3 steps and you will always succeed in whatever you chose to do.  try it on one area of your life or business today and then in 6 months review where you are to where you were today and see the difference in you.

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