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July 17, 2013

I’m often asked whether I have my own  coach or not.

Well, the answer is .. YES – of course I have.

Not only that, right at this very point in time, I actually have TWO coaches. My first coach is to help with the business – ensure i’m on track with my goals and targets and doing the actions that will get me there.

The 2nd coach is a Mindset coach, which again makes sure that on a regular basis, im behaving ‘on purpose’ and ensuring any negative beliefs that pop up from time to time (yep – I get them too just like everyone else) – and we we can remove these belief systems that aren’t helping.

So – the only question is .. if you haven’t got a coach yet – why not ?

If you’re performing at a particular level, what are you doing to get onto the next level ?

If you’re response was ‘working harder’ then im afraid to say – you’ll just end up working harder all your life.

Although hard work is a pre-requisite to getting what you want out of life, you have to be setting higher goals and targets – the problem isnt that you’re aiming too high and fail, it’s usually that you are aiming too low and hit them.

Bigger goals and targets often seem unsurmountable, and thats because you havent got the skill sets in place yet to achieve them (and have yet to even identify what skills you may need) – and so you just work harder and harder all the time.

The other side of it is your ‘wealth thermostat’ is probably stuck where it has been for the last few years – unless you resolve this, just working harder will get you pretty much the same results.

So now the question is : What are you going to do differently now?

One of those may be getting a coach that can lead/direct you towards your goals.

Why not set up a strategy call with me, and lets take a look at what this is costing you in your life right now – you’ll be surprised at exactly what its costing, and you probably believe its not that much – when actually, it’s costing you everything.

But you’ll only know if you make that call – if you’re ready to step up in the game of life, pick up the phone, and lets get started.

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