How Do You See Your Future In Property?


What are your goals for your life regarding property?  Are you wanting to own the most amount of properties that you can or are you wanting to be financially free?
Yes it is possible to have both but this is a serious question you need to ask yourself before you go into property or even before you buy any other properties.  You see, behind this there is a great why.  Your why can influence you to buy 100 properties that make only a small amount of money on each one and have you running around doing repairs, dealing with boilers and lots of tenants.  Alternatively your why can get you to invest only in properties that help you to become more free, that pay larger amounts of profit back and come with less hassles.100s-of-boilers

What kind of landlord do you want to be?  I’ve seen so many people through the years taking bad advice from people and owning lots of properties while not making much money.  Is that the kind of landlord that you want to be?  It’s not the kind that I am.

Wouldn’t you rather have a life of freedom where you can live where you choose, go for walks on the beach if you want to or even take time off because everything you’ve put into place is running smoothly because you’ve had the right kind of advice?

Every other weekend I get to travel to the UK and spend time with my 2 eldest daughters and I don’t have to work.  We get to plan our weekends together and spend some quality daddy and daughter time however they choose to use it.  This is what having systems in place can do for you.  Having the right systems in place is why you’re seeing this article being released while I’m with them but I’m not doing any work.

Life is all about the decisions that you make.  The choices that you take.  I choose to live in a villa in Spain.  I choose to sit by the pool with a latte on a morning taking in the sun.  I choose to take the dog for a walk along the seafront when I want to and not when someone else tells me that I can.

i-choose-my-morningsIf you could start over would you choose the things you’re choosing to do right now?  

What would you choose differently for yourself?

Would you like to choose a lifestyle where you get to choose what you want or a lifestyle where you’re overloaded with properties that aren’t making much money because you took advice from someone else that didn’t pay off?

When you look at your property portfolio I want you to begin with the end in mind.  Take a good hard look at what you already have and ask yourself if each property is helping you to become free or tying you down.

This is your future and I want you to enjoy it.  No, I want you to love it.  I want you to wake up in a morning and know what it is like to be free and I mean truly free.

If you haven’t started out in property yet then don’t take a deal on unless it ties in with everything that you want out of life.  If you’re having trouble finding the right deals click on the Work With Me tab and show me what you’ve been getting so far.  I work with my own sourcers and I don’t take a single penny from any deals that are done between them and you.  This allows you and them to be free to work together and knowing that I will look at each deal to make sure it is right for you.

You only have one shot at this life so make your choices count and make sure that you are getting the right deals that your future self will thank you for.

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