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July 6, 2013

I’m frustrated.  There – i’ve said it.

If you’re wondering what i’m frustrated at, it’s the state of the economy.

I know we’re in recession, but rather than cutting everything in sight (which I appreciate we HAVE to do as the numbers just don’t stack up) – I believe that some money has to go into helping businesses get their business in order.

What I mean by this is that I see constantly lots of very motivated Business Owners working every hour that they possibly can – unfortunately they’re often working on the wrong thing.

I saw a video on Youtube recently, and it was a video of a very drunk man trying to get up the escalator.  He couldn’t quite make it, regardless of how hard he tried. I mean, this guy was committed, he was trying really, really hard to get up the escalator, but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get up to where he wanted to be.

The problem you see, was that he was trying to go UP the DOWN escalator.  Im afraid he was so drunk he just couldn’t work it out, no matter how hard he tried.  The video went on like this for at least 5 minutes, and people were laughing at him.

Then, some kind soul pointed him onto the correct escalator that was going in the right direction.  With this little bit of coaching, he soon reached the top.

And this is exactly what’s needed in the UK.  We have a great workforce on the whole, we have business owners working 18 hour days and not quite getting the results they so desperately want.  All it takes is for someone on the outside to take a quick look, realise where they’re going wrong and set them in the right direction.

Many business owners for example, just don’t know how to grow a business, and why should they – they’ve never had to do it before.  They’re not experts in marketing, business growth, social media, seo, or any of that stuff.

They’re not experts in postcard marketing, getting the database in place, getting referrals or feedback to help them grow their business – so why not give them a business coach.

Imagine, if every small business got a n experienced business coach, that could help channel all of that hard work and energy into the right areas.

I don’t mean the business advisors that you get at your local banks by the way – these 22 year old spotty bankers who’ve never ran a business in their lives.  I mean what the hell do they know about running a business?

I mean a Business Coach, someone who is set up as a Full Time Business Coach, someone who has experience and a track record of helping businesses grow.  Just to point them in the right direction – just imagine the results that they would start to get.  More business would get done, more referrals, more income, more tax paid out, more purchases, higher employment, less benefits paid out – it makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen – the government is hell bent on cutting costs to the bone.  So now YOU have to take the bull by the horns and sort it out yourself.  The government isn’t there to help you, its there to cut costs and collect taxes and spend them in the best way it knows how.

It’s up to you to step up, and invest in your business – to work out the best way forward for your business. Why not give me a call, and lets see how we can move your Business Forward.


Author : Daniel Latto

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