For many people Sunday is a day of relaxation.  A time to catch up with family and friends.  A day when you just relax and do nothing.  Maybe recovering from last night.

All of this is fine if you are already financially free and you no longer need to work.

What if you haven’t made it yet though?  Is this really the best use of your time?  We all need some time out to relax and de-stress but let’s not forget what Sunday means to those who are truly hungry for success.  While most people are doing all of the things above, the truly hungry person is working hard to break free.  They are working on their goals and getting themselves a step or two in front of the people who want to do nothing.  And they’re doing this every week so imagine how much further ahead they are in six months.

So what can you be doing on a Sunday to get yourself further ahead?

Planning Your Upcoming Week

plan-your-week-before-it-gets-hereYou can use part of your Sunday to get your week ahead planned out.  Set up your marketing plan so that you know which social media posts you’ll be putting out and when.  Get all of your blogs lined up so you know what needs writing first and then what you need to write next.

Which meetings do you have coming up for the week ahead?  Spend some time looking at your calendar and get your mindset focused on what is coming up in a calm and useful way.  Have you got everything prepared for those meetings that you can get prepared?  If there is still more work to be done and you can do it today, get it done.  That way you are starting your week on Monday being further ahead and not trying to cram everything in and stressing yourself out.

Blogging and Social Media

Can you get some of your social media and blogging created today and then schedule it to be released throughout the week?  That’s what I do.  I don’t want to be having to cram it in every day so I plan ahead and make sure it is ready to go.  If you have a full-time job then this is a great use of your Sunday for you.  Making that shift from being employed to being self-employed can be tough and you will have to keep going especially when you don’t get any results and don’t feel like carrying on.  Everyone who has made it has gone through those days so take control of your Sundays until you make it.

How much less pressure will you have on yourself for the week ahead if you use today to write 3 blog posts and set up 7 social media posts to go out once a day?  What does that free you up to do during the week?

Making Calls

could-you-be-making-calls-todayGranted this doesn’t work in every industry, say for instance if your potential clients aren’t open or aren’t working Sundays themselves.  Often you will find someone who will be willing to talk on a Sunday.  It could be that you set up calls with other people who are in the same industry as you and use that call for some help and support.  Use that time to tell them about some of the struggles they are having and see if they have been able to solve it themselves or can they put you in touch with someone that can help you.  Imagine that on a Sunday you can have one of your biggest challenges solved by someone you talk to.  Also you will be helping them with their problem as well so you get to feel good for it.  That’s how you create win-win situations.

Updating Your Skill Set

What could you be learning this Sunday that is going to help you to move forwards?  Is it spending an hour or two reading that book you’ve been wanting to start reading but haven’t found the time yet?  Is it working through that course that you have been wanting to get completed?  If you aren’t working on any studying at the moment, make this Sunday the day that you start learning something.

I have often found that getting the same kind of information from different sources has a massive effect on my own knowledge and understanding.  When you learn a subject for the first time you take in so much of it and leave out the rest.  You can’t implement everything straight away so you have to chop and choose.  Going back to that subject, or even that book, again expands your learning in that area as you are looking at it with different eyes than you first approached it with.

Whatever you choose to do this Sunday make sure it’s taking you forward if you aren’t where you want to be yet.  If you’re already there, enjoy what you’ve created and remember to give yourself all of the credit you deserve.

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