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Building a successful business and investing in property takes a range of skill sets.

It also takes a BULLETPROOF MINDSET. This is where we can help.  From Business Coaching and providing you with Business Tools to help you grow, through to Property Coaching and Mentoring, coupled with NLP Level Mindset shifts – I can make it work for you.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve built a Property Portfolio that has allowed me to leave the UK and live in on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain. I fly to the UK Every two weeks for the last 3 years without fail to see my kids & the monthly cash flow generated from the property portfolio allows me to cover all my costs and live the life I once dreamed off.  My Business Coaching Package will enable you how to grow your business and increase your CASH, whilst my Property Mentoring Package will help you invest that cash for LONG TERM WEALTH so that you can work as much, or as LITTLE as possible.

Let me just say, IT’S ALL POSSIBLE. With the right coach.

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If you’re Looking for a Property Coach or a Business Coach, then you’re in the right place.

Business Coaching

I have a tonne of experience in helping business grow.  We can help on the marketing, on the human resources side and handling staff, right through to helping the CEO and top executives perform better, implement time management better and find their  values that make them a powerful leader.

Property Mentoring & Property Coaching

As a Property Coach, I help people move the income the’ve generated from their job, or from their business and move it into long term wealth that only investing in property can create.  As your Property Mentor, I can show you how to get long term cashflow each and every month (for life!) and re-invest that money to make yet more money. As a Property Investor for nearly 20 years, and as a Property Coach for the last 9 years or so, we’ve helped lots of people make the right choices with their investment choices.

Property Mentor & Property Coach Daniel Latto I always recommend that before a person chooses a Property Coach or a Property Mentor, that they go and download the UK Property Podcast : Property Coaching & Wealth Creation Podcast