Have You Signed Up For The Property Sourcing Compliance Training Day?

Property Sourcers…

Or those wanting to start generating an extra income from Property Sourcing – this is for you.

Many people people have been sourcing deals for years now, earning between £1,500 and £4,500 per property deal sourced.

But the ‘Rules of Engagement’ are constantly changing.

And the truth is, that unless you’re acting like an Estate Agent and have all the compliance in place, you’re actually acting breaking the law.

I know most of the big companies say there is ‘no compliance’, but they’re plane old wrong.

There is plenty of legislation out there. You are literally acting like an Estate Agent, so you MUST be compliant.

And this shouldn’t be an after thought ‘after my first deal’, being compliant should be the first step on your journey to becoming a Professional Property Sourcer.

And luckily, one of my clients, Tina Walsh runs a one day workshop where you can go and find out for yourself.

Even, better, it’s a ridiculous £57 cost.

Not only that, but you’ll also get a copy of Tinas Amazon #1 Bestselling Book included when you attend !

I know … amazing offer.

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Look, being a Property Sourcer is a skill set that could pay you thousands of pounds every month for sourcing deals, it makes sense to do it properly, stay above the law so that you can CONTINUE to source great deals !

So save the date, and book your place.

Daniel Latto

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