Would you like to write for us and Be a Guest blogger?

would you like to write for us, gain attention across our social media network, increase credibility and get a website link?

Want to write for us ?  This is what You'll get ..

We're looking for Guest Bloggers to add value for our audience.  

In return, you'll get an opportunity to reach a wider audience, a link back to your website, and your blog will be sent across all of our social media platforms.


The Guidelines

1. Any articles should be about adding value, hints, tips, strategies, in a long form written format

2. No promotion of any kind (Again ... it should be value that helps business owners in some way)

3. You'll can add 2 links.  One in your Bio (see below), and the other at the end of the article.

4. You will get an Author Bio with a brief synopsis of who you are and your business.

5. Posts should be minimum 750 to 1,500+ words in length

6. Break up your content, so it's easy to read

7. Write in a natural, conversational tone

8. All content MUST BE ORIGINAL and not be available anywhere else online (we of course run copyscape to check!)


Topics you can write about

  • Sales
  • UK Property market
  • Marketing
  • Business Growth
  • Staff
  • Mindset
  • Marketing tips, guides, how to’s, and advice for founders
  • Got something you would like to write about - then ask...
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    How It Works

    • First, we’ll collaborate and agree on a topic and title. Don’t start writing until we’ve done this!
    • Once we’ve agreed on the topic, give me a deadline for when you expect to submit the article for us to review.
    • After you’ve written your draft, send it to me as a Google Doc. Use these sharing settings:
      • On – Anyone with the link;
      • Access – Can edit.
    • I’ll make edits in this Doc, so make a copy if you’d like to keep an original version of your writing.
    • Send a short, couple sentence bio. This can include a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or your website.
    • I’ll let you know when the post is scheduled to go live.


    Other Things to Include in Your Guest Post

    • Statistics. Research shows that 94 percent of people are 53 percent more likely to believe content that’s supported by 26 percent more data. (Okay, that’s made up. But try to include verifiable first or third party research, statistics, and data in your post.)
    • Outbound Links. Does somebody else have a great point of view on a topic? Want to make sure people know a certain definition of a word or concept? Link to it. Make sure these links are to authoritative sites. Only link to your site if it’s a highly relevant blog post.
    • Lists and Bullets. We’re fans. Readers are fans. Most people skim articles until they find the value. Bullet points make this easy.
    • Actionable Takeaways. Recap the takeaways of your article as bullet points at the end of your post.


    Once approved, you can write for us on an ongoing basis

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