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March 27, 2018

Welcome to Day 26 !

So I’m fasting today, from 9pm last night as it happens and will eat again tomorrow if all goes to plane !

Also, I’m travelling to the UK tonight – so my workout routine will be interrupted so decided to have a good blast of a workout out.

I have a weights bench in the UK, but it’s not setup so will need to do that, but no running machine etc.

I may have to venture outside in the freezing cold for a run which I’m not looking forward to.

Anyway – good workout today, and I’m beating some personals bests since I started.

It’s not much, but wide grip pull ups are the hardest, and in the first week, I could only do one at a time.

Today, I got to 3 on the first set, and then continued at 2 per set until I got down to just single reps per set!

But I managed to get 15 wide grip pull ups done.

Also – DIPS – managed to get my first set of ten done too – first time about 2 weeks ago when I first got the dip machine, it was literally like 4 or 5 and I couldn’t do any more !

So big improvements all round.

My clothes are starting to fit better, and my shoulders have broadened too so my shirts hang better.

If you can;t be bothered doing workouts, just wear a coat hanger for the same look, I reckon you’ll get away with it.

Anyway – DAY 26 COMPLETED !!

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