Get Shredded | Fat Loss For Busy People Day 9

So 9 days straight workouts without a break and I’m feeling it a bit today.

So I took it easy with a 24 minute run (up from the 22 yesterday) – because we’re adding 2 minutes per day until we hit 30 minutes.

Cut out the skipping and the boxing bag today – my arms definitely feel bigger and measured my biceps at a measly 14″ – which is .5″ bigger than they were just under 2 weeks ago.

During the treadmill work – I Watched the 4th Quarter of Lebron James getting beat – which is always nice – and finished strong.

Overall I’m enjoying the workouts and really looking forward to the next piece of equipment arriving – a pull up machine with various bits to it.



Cheers for watching !

Daniel Latto

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Daniel Latto

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