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February 1, 2015

I’ve been searching through various ways of creating long term wealth through investing, and this is one that I came across that I personally use to grow a PORTION of the cash I generate.

Now, i’m NOT a financial advisor and i’m not authorised to provide financial advice.

So i’m not going to give you any advice at all – i’m just saying where my cash is going to build upon my financial stability once it’s been generated through the cash generation techniques I use.

Remember you MUST always seek professional advice when making an investment.


Now the great thing about this, is that you can lend from just £10 per month and still get upto 18% RETURNS, and interest is paid monthly. So you can see your pot begin to grow almost immediately.

Now, there are 3 levels of risk A, B & C where C will generate the highest returns. BUT you have to invest with your level of risk of course. Be safe, especially when starting something new.


£100 per month, paid in each and every month compounded over a 20 year period at 18% is £237,912.00.

Yep – Nearly a QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS. I’ve added the image of this calculation at the bottom go this post for you to see.

Take a look, see what the risks are, and seek professional advice and start investing with a little bit first to see it working.

compund interest at 18percent over 20 years at 100 per month

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