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April 29, 2018

Rise & Shine 7 Day Reset starts Sunday Night 8pm ! (29th April).  I’ve been reading some of the reviews of a previous training that Rachel Jenkins ran, and they’re pretty awesome; take a look


My everyday life is more positive I seem to deal with what life throws at me with ease and I feel more empowered to what I choose for me.       Elizabeth Photiou


I really feel your Rise and Shine programme definitely shifted something in me and is amazing!! Thank you for bringing it to us Rachel.   I loved, at the end of each day I felt positive and could definitely feel a shift in my energy, during the day.          Rosie Morrell


During this 7 day reset, Rachel will help you to :

  • Successfully make and break some of your deepest subconscious patterns that have held you back until now
  • Easily experience rapid shifts in your awareness, consciousness and overall daily joy
  • Calm a restless or anxious mind, and heal deep wounds with mindful daily practice
  • Support and intuitively guide you (both physically and spiritually) into a state of overall bliss
  • Re-educate your mind to focus on the positive, and to overcome fear on a long-term basis
  • Provide love and mentorship consistently and daily to help you stay accountable and in power of your own life shifts
  • Show you the one intensely successful technique that has worked with both ordinary people and celebrities alike to allow them to have the confidence in everything they do and manifest lasting success

You see, the mindset, the way we approach things, our attitude is the one thing that we can have massive control over, so it’s worth it’s weight in making sure that you organise your thoughts in a way that’s conducive to helping you make the most out of each day, each week and each month.

Take a Look : Rachel Jenkins

There are 2 options, either a 7 day reset, or the full 90 day programme.

Whichever one you choose, you now have the decision whether you want to feel good every single day, or just to continue as you are.

If you sign up, please let me know how it goes for you – the training starts TODAY !

Good luck,

Daniel Latto

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