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Why Sell To Us ?

Selling a business privately to an individual, such as myself, presents a unique set of advantages that might not be readily apparent when considering a sale through traditional channels. This article explores the benefits of such a private transaction, particularly focusing on the streamlined process, potential for better terms, personal touch, and confidentiality.

Streamlined Process

One of the most significant advantages of selling your business privately is the streamlined nature of the process. In a private sale, there are fewer parties involved, reducing the complexity and potential for complications. This simplicity can lead to a quicker and more efficient transaction. Without the need for intermediaries, such as brokers or agents, both parties can communicate directly, leading to clearer understanding and faster decision-making. This direct line of communication allows for more straightforward negotiations and, in many cases, a more rapid conclusion to the sale.

Flexibility and Better Terms

Selling your business to an individual like myself can offer more flexibility in terms of the sale terms. Unlike corporate buyers or investment firms, private individuals may be more open to negotiating terms that are favourable to both parties. This flexibility can include aspects such as payment structure, transition period, and even future involvement in the business. For a seller, this can mean a more tailored deal that aligns closely with personal and financial goals.

Personal Touch

A private sale often involves a more personal approach. As a buyer, I am interested not just in the financial aspect of the business but also in its legacy and ongoing success. This personal investment can be reassuring for a seller who has put significant effort and emotion into building their business. Knowing that the business is being handed over to someone who values it beyond just its balance sheet can be a compelling reason to opt for a private sale.


Confidentiality is another critical aspect of selling a business privately. By dealing directly with a buyer like me, you can avoid the public exposure that often comes with listing a business for sale. This discretion can be especially important if you are concerned about the impact of the sale on employees, customers, or suppliers. A private transaction allows for the transfer of ownership to occur discreetly, without causing unnecessary unrest or speculation.


In conclusion, selling your business privately to us offers numerous benefits. The process is typically more streamlined and efficient, the terms can be more flexible and tailored to your needs, there is a personal touch that can ensure the continued legacy of your business, and the entire transaction can be handled with a high degree of confidentiality. For many business owners, these advantages make a compelling case for considering a private sale over more traditional methods.

The businesses that we've bought in the last 12 months have sold for a variety of reasons.  Some have just wanted to retire, while others are simply exhausted with all the extra work that goes into running a business.

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