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  • Ever feel like you should be further on than you are right now?

I think for entrepreneurs it's quite a natural state to wonder if you should be further on by now than you actually are.

We're always striving for more, to better ourselves, to have the best mindset, the best physique, our ego comes from our numbers (sales, profits, heck even hours worked!)

But the real question should be, are you being fair on yourself?

Because it's easy - we're our own worst critic - I mean - could you be further on than you are ?

Well of course you could, so could anyone, but then you could also be further back than you are right now, and that's something to be grateful for.

So then the next question should be, have you given yourself the right tools to be as far ahead as you could have been?

- Have you got the right marketing tools?

- Have you got the right mindset tools?

- Is your future lifestyle goal clearly defined?

And I don't just mean written down and stuffed in the top drawer (but for some even that would be a start) .

I mean, have you test driven the Ferrari, walked around the multi million dollar house, hired a speedboat for a day to see if it really is as cool as it looks on Instagram?

You know, we actually hired a speedboat just last month, and I have to say, it really is a lot of fun and something you should also do.

I remember the last time I did that was when I got engaged to my wife, where we pulled up onto a beach in Ibiza - totally cool and I got lots of brownie points for that proposal (although I had visions of dropping the ring in the sea, which thankfully never happend!)

Can I be really, really honest - hiring the boat didn't even cost that much in the whole scheme of things.

It was an investment into my lifestyle (and she said YES, so that was a bonus too!)

But that investment into something I will treasure for ever, something that changed the course of my life, was certainly worth it.

And when I look back at that time now, I can't even remember the cost. But the benefits last forever.

Anyway - back to 'are you far enough forward for this point in your life' - what other resources do you need to take massive steps forward in your business.

- A Mindset Coach.
- A Marketing Coach
- A Business Strategist

People you can bounce ideas off, or people who have not only done it themselves, but who have helped others improve their lives too.

People who can show you how to implement what you need to move you closer to those lifestyle goals you have.

In essence then, for your business to help you to achieve those lifestyle goals, you're going to need

1. A mindset coach
2. a Sales & Marketing funnel that closes sales
3. to automate the business so it works without you having to be there all the time
4. a profit maximiser to remove all those costs you don't need, and find revenue you're leaving on the table.

All of the above is easy when you know how, much harder when you don't.

In fact, not having this can be very costly - and in more ways than one.

A lot of the time, the people I work closely with are bringing in the revenues, although maybe not as much profit as they would like (heck, we all want more profit right?)

But they're spending SO MUCH TIME in their business, the true cost of not achieving what they want isn't even financial (although that's part of it)

The BIGGEST LOSS is time away from family, time away doing what you love, time away from maintaining a healthy balance of health and work (because right now it's all work and no play, right?)

The bigger loss is a failed relationship, or a relationship that's purely functional in nature - no romance, little or no sex, exhaustion at the end of the day and everyday feels like Groundhog Day.

The bigger loss is missing your kids growing up, getting home when it's too late to play with the kids, or attend sports day because you're too busy - or missing those first steps of your little one.

What we find is that when people actually set aside the time, invest in themselves, the return they get back over the long term is huge, both financially, mentally and emotionally and also in terms of their relationships with their partners and kids.

In fact it's life changing.

And it's a small price to pay in order to be set on that path you achieving those lifestyle goals even quicker.

The question is, when are you going to make the decision to move forward and stop living in regret.

Listen, it's going to happen at some time in the future, so you may as well make it happen now.

Why wait ?

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