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December 5, 2023

The end of November 2023 has been an interesting one for us.


  • Our strategy sessions are up.
  • The number of websites ordered has gone up.
  • The number of repeat clients has gone up
  • Our search engine rankings have increased
  • Our staff numbers have increased

Not only that, but this is the feedback we've given to clients :

  • Site visits are up - mainly from LinkedIn
  • Social Media traffic makes up 35% of traffic
  • SM audience and impressions are all up.
  • Short videos are the biggest growth metric for all clients.
  • Your FB page has seen a huge increase in reach from 300 to 3700
  • Youtube has also increased from 100 to 1100 views
  • Your Tik Tok videos are consistently hitting over 200 views
  • YouTube Shorts & Facebook Reels are performing the best across your channels for reach.

The point of all this, is that we're helping other people close more business too, and thats the most important bit.

Helping clients get recognised in their market place is such a good feeling.

Overall, general sentiment is that confidence seems to be slowly returning, or perhaps people have just had enough of not knowing whats happening in Government and are now just moving forward with plans regardless.

During December, when its normally a bit of a climb down for businesses to get their marketing in place, we seem very busy.

It could be because we're producing more content for ourselves than ever before, and this is definitely having an impact in the market place.

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