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October 15, 2018

I can't tell you how many times I've seen this 'advice' from people online.

Invariably, the person giving the advice is at the same level as everyone else.

i.e. working who knows how many hours a week wondering why they're not moving forward and getting the results that others seem to be getting.

I've literally just seen one person in a property group talk about how he doesn't pay for any training at all.

Then in the very next post complained about how the property the bought was a stinker!

Naturally, when I challenged him about it, he blocked me.

Because that's just what people do.

Nobody likes to be challenged on their core beliefs.

And when they do, the may lash out in some way as a defense mechanism as the way in which they see the world is not actually how the world is.

And it's very challenging to them.

Heck, it's challenging to me too when my belief systems are challenged.

I don't know anyone who likes their belief systems tested.

But what if that belief system is just plain wrong?

(But how can it be if it's a 'belief' system I hear you ask!)

Could it possibly be that having a Business Coach is the RIGHT thing to do ?

I can't think of a single situation where I got myself a Business Coach and things got worse over time - not one.

It may have taken a while to get results in some circumstances, and in fact some of the results are still coming through from advice I received 10 years ago !

But it's still coming through.

But, maybe there is a whole group of people that getting a coach of some kind has ruined negatively affected their lives over a period of time.

Maybe it's happening on a regular basis - yep - maybe it actually is me that's wrong on this idea of getting a Business Coach.

Could be.

And certainly there are a lot of CRAP business coaches who have never ran a business before (My old lettings agency drove 35,000 website visitors a month for example, along with employing staff and doubled revenues for 4 years straight - we have a fair old idea on what we're doing)

But for most people it's the question of COST that's the issue, not the question of whether to have a Business Coach or not (or a property coach for that matter, or a health coach)

In all the times I've personally had a Business Coach, I've ALWAYS had a return on investment at some point or another.

It may not be instant.

Sometimes, it's over a couple of years AFTER I finished with the Business Coach.

Because it's about sowing the seeds of success, not watering the fruit at the last minute hoping for growth.

So if the only thing that's stopping you getting a Business Coach is the price, then that's EXACTLY the reason why you need a Business Coach.

But if you're taking your advice from people online, and you have NO IDEA what successes they have had, then you're taking a big risk.

What you need to do is find somebody who has done what you want to get done too, and then spend the money to invest in yourself and get the help you need to accelerate your chances of success.

Sometimes it's not even that much. My Business Coaching prices start from £250 a month for example.

But I don’t really know where this idea of just hanging out in forums to get your financial/business/property advice comes from.

I know there are some very clever people in forums who have had great success, but to be frank here, they’re few and far between.

Successful people don’t hang out in forums to give every newbie coming along all of their information.

And how can it possibly be tailored to their exact need in a paragraph or two ?

Well, it can't can it?

As someone who has had some good success, I can honestly tell you I don’t hang out in forums or a lot of Facebook groups.

Because every time you offer advice in the group, someone without the 21 years experience in property comes in and says you’re wrong – it doesn’t even matter what the topic is, or if you’re the ‘go to’ person in that topic – you’ll still be wrong according to others without the knowledge or experience.

After a while, we tend to get fed up of that, so we just don’t bother any more.

Successful people don’t hang out in groups offering advice to newbies – it’s just not done.

I’ve seen it in a couple of online forums, self described guru’s giving advice, and then saying things like “Well I've been in this business 20 years and not retired, so I can’t see how they are”.

(This particular one was having a go at a property coaching client of mine who is immensely successful and who is still in his 30's)

I’ve literally seen that in the forum!!

Lol. It would be funny if they didn’t have people hanging onto every word of their ‘advice’.

I guess it's easier to knock down other people than to build them up and support them.

So look, if you want to accelerate your results, there’s really only way of doing it.


Rule of Acquisition clearly states “Freed advice is seldom cheap”.

And it’s true. When you’ve been in the trenches and grow your property portfolio and a successful business over a period of 10 to 20 years – that experience doesn’t come from books, or reading forum posts.

It comes from spending your own cash and finding out for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

As I go through life, I find the more I invest in myself, the more I get back in the long run.

I wish somebody had told me that 20 years ago, and more importantly, I wish I had listened.

What do you think ?

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