Donald Trump Has A 100 Day Plan – Do You?


With the U.S. election happening, there have been lot of people that are very happy about the result and there are lots of people that are very unhappy about the result.  To be honest, that’s not what is important to you.  Here is what is.

When Donald Trump was elected he released his 100 day plan.  This details what he is going to do over the next 100 days and he will be held accountable to this.  If he fails to deliver on his 100 day plan then the American public will be wanting to know why and it will change the way that people on both sides of the fence view him for the rest of his presidency.

This is how your goals help you to show up in the world too.

If you don’t have any goals at all then you aren’t going to achieve very much.  You’ll just be drifting along having life happen to you instead of making it happen for you.

Take a look at the video and you will see what I mean.

Creating Your Plan

So like I said in the video, you need to have a plan.  Whether it is a 90 day plan or a 100 day plan isn’t important.  What is important is that you have a plan to follow and that you become accountable to making that plan happen.

When you don’t follow through on your plan, how do you think that you show up in the world?

That doesn’t mean though that you should set yourself easy goals that you know you can easily hit.  You should be making 90 day goals that are far out of your reach and seem unbelievable to you.  When you look at them, they should scare you at least a little bit.  That is the type of goal you should be setting.

Now I know that I said about not following through with your plan earlier, but what I mean about that is not doing anything towards achieving your goals.  If you aim for a massive goal that you never thought you could achieve and fall short, how much further along the journey are you than if you aimed for a little easy goal and achieved it?  This is the kind of level that you need to be operating on.

So if you haven’t got any unbelievable 90 or 100 day goals, then it’s time to get some written down and start taking action on them immediately.

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