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  • Distractions! They’re everywhere we look.

Or don’t look (we see them anyway!)

It’s the business persons Achilles heel (mine too)

And when we first start out as business owners, we normally have 2 or 3 (or more!) businesses – and none of them are working very well.

And I’m very much the same.

But recognising when you’re taking on too much is vital.

And it’s ok to get one business up and running first and make it generate positive cashflow and then start up another is fine, as long as the first business doesn’t rely on you specifically.

Take my Digital Marketing Business for example.

When I first started this business up, I’d already decided that it was never going to be me sitting creating images and editing videos – especially when I can employ the right people with 10 years experience in doing just images or just videos.

It just made perfect sense to get the right people in to do the right jobs.

Which is why the business works so well.

Heck – I don’t even deal with the day to day clients anymore as they get a one on one content co-ordinator to speak with every 2 weeks to discuss what content they want created.

But what that then allows me to do is to check in with clients from time to time, get on the phone with them, check how everything is going, and allow them time to plan their business a little bit more with me on the call guiding them.

It’s a great symbiosis that’s working incredibly well.

And one of the extra benefits I’ve noticed with clients is that because we’re so organised in what we need from them, they automatically begin to systemise their own business.

Emails are now getting scheduled.

Plans are being drawn up well in advance.

It’s like the business is finally maturing into a well oiled machine because the planning allows much more to get done.

There’s still the distractions of course.

But they’ll always be distractions.

As long as it’s not interrupting your business growth because you now have the business systemised with regular content going out like clockwork, it doesn’t matter.

We now have clients taking a week off, and nobody even notices because the business is still firing on all cylinders.
So if you would like to experience the same, just drop me a pm.

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