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Over the weekend, our new affiliate program made two sales.

One was for a website at £495, and so the affiliate made 20% on that, so so close enough to £100.

And the other one helped us sell a recurring marketing team package which was priced at £1250. Commission on that was 20% upfront (£250), and then 10% per month for as long as the client stays on board, which is £125 a month commission.

All they did was introduce someone they new to us, where the client jumped on a Strategy Call with us, and we did the rest. That’s it.

You can find out more here : https://daniellatto.co.uk/affiliate/

Digital Marketing Agency Affiliate

Long term … we’re trying to do 2 things here

1. Help people make money in the easiest way possible for a product and service that has high demand. As we head towards a recession, the need for a side hustle has never been more important.

2. PLUS, we get to grow our Digital Marketing Agency, which means that as we can increase our range of services and offer even better value for money with our qualified and experienced team that helps business owners grow their business.

For the most part, many affiliate schemes suck, because it’s just a whole lot of spamming going on.

Whereas we know that the way to sell Digital Marketing is through relationships that are built up over time.

So these relationships can be built up with our affiliate partners, who in turn already HAVE relationships with businesses owners or go to networking events and so on and build new ones from there.

Spamming groups with random affiliate offers has NEVER worked.

It all comes down to building relationships over time, and when the time is right, to offer our digital marketing services such as

Facebook Ads

Website Design

Content Creation / Vide editing / Graphic Design

– Brochures and downloadable .pdf’s

SEO work

And all of that is down by our in house team of

– Graphic Designers

– Video Editors

– Content Co-Ordinators

Web Site Designers

– Copywriters

SEO Specialists

and it’s all put together into a cohesive marketing plan that gets peoples businesses in front of their potential audience with a landing page that converts.

It’s taken years to get to this point, and it’s always being refined as to how we can help MORE people as we grow the Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital Marketing Agency Affiliate

If you want to find out more about selling our services – take a look : https://daniellatto.co.uk/affiliate/

Digital Marketing Agency Affiliate Sales

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Digital Marketing Agency Affiliate Sales

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