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August 26, 2022

So the Ego can be your best friend, but also your worst enemy.

I don't believe we SHOULDN'T have an Ego, I don't think it's as evil as some folks make out.

I WANT to be the best that I can be (The EGO pushes me to do that)

But at the same time, the ego can push me to do stuff that's either a very bad idea, or push me too far.

So this morning ... no crossfit.

Yesterdays session pretty much knocked me out a bit, and today I needed a rest day.

So I took one.

And my EGO is screaming all sorts of obscenities at me for not going.

That's what it does - thats what it's designed to do - to push us.

And yet ... what my body really needs right now, is a rest day.

So being CONSCIOUSLY aware of what's going on, about how you're feeling, about where you are with what you've got going on is vitally important. and there's one question that you can ask yourself that will help you here.

If I do this thing, that my ego is pushing me to do - is it moving me CLOSER to my goal ... or further away?

So with the weight loss and work outs - will taking a day off ruin all of that work already put in ?
Of course not.

But if I went today, and knowing that I'm not 100%, is there a much greater chance of injuring myself and moving me further away from my goal for weeks ? Yes.

And Im not saying that the little niggles we all feel with our bodies from time to time should stop us from working out.

If professionals did that, they'd never be on the playing field or on the basketball court.

Heck, I once scored 25 points in a basketball game with an injured left wrist that I couldn't pick up the ball with (I took one handed shots and it looked weird as fuck, but it still worked, and we won that game)

So it's not that you stop playing altogether, it's that you adjust so that you CAN come back the next day after a rest.

Not only that, but working out without rest days can actuallu hinder your results too.

So the ego is great, but you need to learn to control it, which is something Im pretty dreadful at and so it is, like a lot of things(!), a work in progress.

How can we relate it to business ?

Im sure that you, like me, have worked days and days on end for weeks and months without taking a single day off - the feeling that if you did, the whole thing would collapse without you for that day.

But what happens when you go on holiday ?

Before it - you're the most efficient machine ever.

And after it you're eager to get back into the swing of things being well rested.

But for many, the EGO simply won't let them take some time off.

I get it - there's bills to pay and if you don't maintain your energy, you'll fall behind.

But then burnout happens, and then you have to take weeks or months off.

So find the balance young padawans - taking a rest day is probably a good thing to do over the long run, but in fitness and in business.

So with that in mind ... why not come to my Business Retreat in Spain and take 2 days by the Mediterranean sea working ON your business, away from all the stresses of home this September?

Here's the link : https://daniellatto.co.uk/retreat

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