Dealing with Haters – Eric Thomas

Dealing with Haters – Eric Thomas


Be phenomenal or be forgotten …

I’ve watched Eric Thomas (The Hip Hop Preacher) for the last few years now – he’s a charismatic speaker who told the story of “If you want success as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”.

He has a ‘mix tape’ that you can download from his website, which is a selection of his speeches, set to music it’s incredibly motivational.

Just listen to the Michael Jordan speech, where Jordan had the flu (It turns out it was food poisoning from a dodgy pizza the night before when they were playing an away game in the NBA Finals) – anyway, Jordan, totally weakened from flu, turns up and explodes in this game and steps up at the time when it’s needed most.

You can download the mixtape from Erics website here : Eric Thomas Mixtape


Hope you enjoyed that.

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