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It certainly seems that way.

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More and more everyday, we are evolving and developing more towards modernity. It’s like one day, you think we’ve reached the peak of the heights of technology and the next day, we’re reaching new heights once more. But of course, the more we lean more towards new and modern ways to run our business, we begin to turn our backs from the traditional methods.

In this case, content creation versus advertising. Which is better?

Because in advertising, some traditional methods include commercials, is that effective now? Sure we see commercials being emerged within contents such as ads before a youtube video but people can easily skip that, so I ask again, is that really effective now?

Or is content creation the new way for advertising?

It’s WAY cheaper.

And WAY more targeted.

And you can do more with it – for example, segment to a list and send specific campaigns based on their actions – try doing that with TV or Radio!

Things are definitely changing – but are you?

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Speak soon,

Dan Latto

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