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March 9, 2023

Im feeling incredibly good at these training sessions now and todays was no different.

New PB on a front squat (slow and steady after years of having a basketball back – which means it’s fucked basically)

And a new PB on weight pullups 3 x 20kg weight – after going up from 3 x 5kg, 3 x 10kg, 3 x 15kg and eventually getting to the 3 x 20kg weight.

That last set of 3 were bloody hard and slowly inching my chin over the bar on the very last rep.

I could probably get to 25kg I reckon on a 1 rep max, so will build towards that as a target.

I even got a little cheer when I did the 3 x 20kg reps.

It’s what I love about crossfit more than anything.

More than the workouts.

More than new personal bests.

The camardrie from people I hardly know but I get to see everyday working on themselves and supporting each other is frankly awesome.

And for those gym goers going on their own and doing the same boring routines as always – there’s definitely a place for that.

But the mixture of different sessions, and doing things I didnt think I could do just a year ago, with the full support of these people is amazing.

During the sesion of course, especially the WOD at the end, it’s difficult, and it’s tiring, but the strength sessions we do before the final wod eventually make that easier too.

There was a time when I would struggle to survive the session, and now I either finish timecap early, or have more left in the tank when it’s an open ended session with a timer on it.

It sets you up for the day.

You should honestly try it – it’s fucking awesome 🙂

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