Rapid course creation
Find out how to publish a profitable online course in Just 2 weeks or less

So you would like to make more money using an online course ?

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and finding another email (like those shown on the right) saying that you've sold another one of your courses overnight, without you having to do anything at all.

Imagine how good that would make you feel.

For example, last week I was at a friends house and 2 orders dropped in while I was stood around chatting.

On another day, as I was LIVE in my Private Mastermind Group, another order dropped in. 

And last Sunday morning, I woke up to yet another course being sold as I checked my emails in bed.

But most people don't create an online course because of one of the following reasons :

1. They don't think they have anything they can package up to sell.

Whilst we do go through what you can sell and provide 5 different content ideas based on who you are, I know from speaking with hundreds of people that everybody has something they can share, that they're good at, or that will add true value to their marketplace.

2. They don't believe they have enough time to create a course and launch it.
This whole course is designed to get your course up and running, published with a first sale in 14 days or less!

I don't believe in building something so huge, that it takes forever to build, when you can get quick results (and income) within just 2 weeks.

3. They're worried that if they did create it, they wouldn't be able to sell it.

Which is why I dedicate 2 whole modules on selling the course.  The first one module talks about the product launch, and the 2nd module has 12 different marketing strategies you can use to continuously push yuor online course and drive more sales.

In addition to this, I show you 5 different ways to check if your course has any demand in the marketplace BEFORE you spend time creating it!

This is what Craig said about one of my previous courses ...

So with all that in mind, let me tell you about whats included in this Rapid Course Creation Training.

There are over 115 (short and to the point) step by step videos spread over 16 modules...

  • Module 1 - Welcome To The Rapid Course CreatorTraining 
  • Module 2 - How to check for demand (validation)
  • Module 3 - What topic should your course be on
  • Module 4 - The Different Types Of Courses You Can Create
  • Module 5 - The technology needed
  • Module 6 - The ONLY Software Platform You Need!
  • Module 7 - How to Easily Create Order & Sequence To Your Content
  • Module 8 - Recording the content
  • Module 9 - Uploading & Delivery of the content
  • Module 10 - Creating the sales pages
  • Module 11 - Launching the course
  • Module 12 - Continuous Marketing
  • Module 13 - The components of a successful course
  • Module 14 - Dealing with Mindset
  • Module 15 - Adding extra bonuses
  • Module 16 - Resources

As you can see, it's pretty in depth and covers everything you need to get a course create, published and sold with 14 days or less.

One student said that Module 7 on 'Order & Sequence' made the planning of the course incredibly easy and straightforward, something that they had struggled to do in the past.

Another student mentioned (on one of my previous courses) how they liked the fact that all the videos are broken down into small bite sized chunks, rather than having to watch an hour and a half video looking for that precise bit of information that they were looking for.  

We literally designed this course in EXACTLY the same manner.

Again, great feedback from our online course attendees.

Best of all, you get access to this complete training for just £27. 

If you were to go to a live event, that's at least the cost of your travel or parking alone!

And this is what another client said on one of my other courses...

Low Ticket Versus High Ticket
Most of the training courses I've ran in the past have been high ticket (meaning 'they cost a lot') and while my clients got tremendous value out of them (like coming to Spain for example to spend 2 days with me), not everyone can afford that one on one contact.

So I wanted to create a way for people to get the education and experience I've stockpiled for the last 20 years and share it in a convenient and easy way, without it breaking the bank.

Plus, as you'll learn in the course, I have a fragile ego !!

So I LOVE waking up to find that someone else has invested in themselves with one of my training courses.

Honestly, making a sale bofore you've even got out of bed is just one of the best feelings you can get in your business, I highly recommend it !

Best of all, It's just £27 - that's less than 25 pence per video !

I've bought so many training course over my career, normally at the cost of hundreds or thousands of pounds.  Some have been great, others  have been, not so much.

And I wanted to distill everything I've learnt about creating a course and make it accessible for you to learn too so that you can create a profitable training course in less than 14 days.

So this Rapid Course Creation Training allows me to offer full training with no crazy high prices and no weekend seminars where you have to run to the back of the room to buy the 'upsell'.   

Just lots of content on how to create a profitable online course that you can sell over and over again and make money from.

If you want to learn a new skill, one that you can use for the rest of your life, and add an extra income stream to your income, then online course creation has the potential to help you generate an extra income.

The bite sized modules make it easy to learn, and Sarah agreed (from one of my previous courses) ...

Ask yourself this, if you were able to make an extra £500 to £1,000 every single month, without having to do anything extra (one you have created the course) , how would that help your finances?

And even better, once you create your first course, you'll know how to do it ready for your one.

And you can just keep repeating what you've learned and making more cash each month.

Daniel Latto

Who is Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto has been involved in Internet Marketing for more than 20 years, starting off with marketing his lettings agency that he owned.  At one point, there were over 35,000 website visitors a month going to his lettings agency website

He now lives in Spain next to the Mediterranean Sea, with his family and owns millions of pounds of property in the Leeds area, along with a Digital Marketing Content Agency, and provides Business & Property Coaching advice to clients in the UK.

I've made a video about why you should be creating an online trainign course that you can sell over and over again without having to do any additional work.

Video 1 : Using online training courses to generate monthly cashflow

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