20TH & 21ST NOVEMBER 2017 | SPAIN 


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Seat Limited to just 4 people:


It's a small 2 day training course thats specifically designed for busy people like you and who want to grow their business using the power of Videos and Podcasts on Social Media.  

Fresh Content is the ADVERTISING of the 21st Century  

It's obvious when you think about it. In the past, we would advertise on the TV, the Radio or in newspapers in the hope that our target audience would see what we offer, and make a decision to purchase.  

Things have clearly moved on. Never before has it been so easy to creation content specifically tailored to your audience and target them based on age, income, preferences, etc.  

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have so much data on you, it's very easy to specifically target your exact audience.  

The problem comes from having the content to show them in the first place.  

That's where this training comes in. 

You don't need all the latest gadgets and gismos. In fact, the less of those you have, the better it is as people want AUTHENTIC not slick hollywood style productions. We use some pretty basic equipment. The key is to get your message out there on a regular basis so that you can begin to BUILD YOUR BRAND. The more people see what you offer, the more you have of those people buying from you - it's really that simple. The problem comes in finding the time to create the content in a cost effective way. You can of course pay someone - but who wants to be paying £600 per video when you can do it yourself ? And of course, making sure that you're seen on a regular basis so that you can continue to build your brand and also to build the 'know, like and trust' factor.  

Your Trainer Daniel Latto

Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about growth.

With over 200,000 YouTube views, 250,000 downloads of his Podcast series and a growing fanbase, Daniel Latto continues to create content on a daily basis.

It's about quickly creating content so 1. People can find you 2. People can work out if they want to do business with you 3. Attracting the right type of customer for your brand 4. Engaging in new ways previously not available


So we're going to cover 4 things during our 2 days together  

1. How to create video quickly, and lots of it (without taking too much time) 2. How to quickly edit that video (and the tools we use) 3. How to take the MP3 from the video, and package it up as a podcast 4. How to get that MP3 transcribed and put into an article  

That's it. By the end of the 2 days, you'll have videos recorded, MP3's sat ready and your podcast submitted to iTunes.  

You'll have artwork ready, know how to quickly make tonnes of thumbnail images for your videos and podcast shows.  

We'll show you how to embedd all of these into your website, and send them out to your Social Media channels for maximum coverage.

You'l b set for the next 12 months as a Content Creation Machine. Ready ?

Monday, November 20th:

9am- 9.30m: Registration

9.30am-5pm: Video Training Day

7.30pm-9.30pm: Beachfront Evening Meal together

Tuesday, November 21th:


- Podcast Creation  

- Transcribing &&Image Creation Training  

- Uploading to channels  

- Sharing strategy on social media

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

PLus, You Get These Bonuses Included !

What we usually find, is that after you have attended, then ensuring you have put what you have learned in place can be implemented properly.  

With that in mind we give you this included as well  

Bonus #1

One hour coaching session with me to be used within 30 days of attending (valued at £300)

Bonus #2

Two x Group coaching sessions. We run these alternate Sundays at 8pm, so come and join us - (Valued at £150) 


My Villa In Spain

Near the Mediterranean shorline of Benicassim Beach . 

Nearest Airport is Castellon (Free transfer from this airport)  

or 2nd nearest airport is Valencia (1 hour away)


Hotel Intur

from 60Euros/night

Limited Numbers

We limit the number of attendees to just 4 (four!) per session. That way, it's a nice little group and I can give full attention where needed to ensure you get the most from your training.