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Here is an example of a deal that personally I don’t get involved with but I have clients that do.  It’s a set of 4 commercial properties that are available to buy to rent out as individual units.

One of the things about this deal that is really interesting is that they also are available to buy as commercial and then transfer to residential.  I have a couple of clients that are currently doing this and making a lot of money.

Let’s say for instance that you decide to keep these as commercial properties.  After the total costs involved, you are still looking at a rental yield of around 25%!!

This is a yield that you won’t achieve in residential properties.

Do you think that you could get £3,000 for selling this deal on?  Of course you could.

Take a look at the video and you will find out more about this deal.

Could You Make A Business From Property Sourcing Commercial Deals?

Yes you could.  There are people out there that are looking for these deals to convert to residential and also people looking to rent out as commercial properties.

There is the potential for people to make great money from doing this so why leave that money on the table?

If you want to know more about how to become a property sourcer, check out this free video.

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