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It’s 100% True : Your information just isn’t worth ANYTHING anymore.

Think about this – you can now sign up to University Courses in the states for FREE as all their education has been placed online.

Your information isn’t new. It’s not unique (although you may think it is) And it’s not worth anything. It’s worth ZIP in fact. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

But what is worth money is the value that you add to that information.

Helping people get the result through COACHING is where the value is.

All the information we need is available in books, podcasts, videos etc, and people are STILL not getting results.

What’s the difference?


Daniel Latto

Whilst everyone knows you have to take action to get what you want, very few people actually do it.

And that’s because they have ‘roadblocks’ in their mind as to why they can’t do something.

Look, we all know people who don’t have the ‘raw material’ (I’m being polite!) to be successful, and yet are very successful.

And we also know people who are very intelligent yet can’t seem to move forward.

I call this the Forrest Gump effect. You see, Forrest simply didn’t know he couldn’t do something, so he just went and did it anyway!

Where as the rest of us who intellectualise everything hesitate and hold back in case we look silly, or in case it fails.

So as a COACH, your job is to help them through those obstacles through the use of COACHING.

Business Coaching with Daniel Latto If you wonder why i’m more successful than other coaches – it’s not because my information has some magic ingredient (although of course I would like to think that the combination of NLP, 17 years in Property and 12 as a business owner is the reason) – it’s actually because I help coach people through the ‘stuff’ that’s preventing them from being successful.

I utilise various strategies to get the ACTION out of them, and then we bolt on the specific bits of information that can accelerate their results.

But if you’ve been hacking away at your business, be it in coaching, or in property investing, and you’re still not getting results, the reason is that the ACTION you are taking is either too little, none at all or nowhere near enough to have a significant impact on your life.


So where I help people specifically is on getting them to take that action.

I help them decide whether that course of action is the right kind (that’s where those 17 years of experience comes in).

I help them through the obstacles they’re not doubt going to face along the way.

Many people expect that after this major obstacle (whatever that happens to be) is overcome, that there is no further obstacles. Of course the truth is that there are always obstacles, usually each bigger than the last, but also you can overcome each and every one of those with the right help and guidance.

That’s how I help my clients get their results.

Would you like help getting results with your business ?


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