Change the 90/10 rule that most people seem to follow.

The 90/10 rule is this.

90% learning, reading, seminars, podcasts, etc

10% taking action.

Flip it on it’s head.

90% action.

10% learning.

I’ve just going through ALL the training courses Ive done over the last 15 years – there’s been a lot !


Even though I own millions of pounds of property.

And I own all of this property because I took 90% action on it.

– When people called me crazy.

– When people called me obsessed.

– When people called me a dreamer.

20 years in, and it’s still paying more and more income each year while our debt decreases.

That gap is increasing every single year as rents slowly increase and our level of debt decreases.

So try this.

Instead of listening to a podcast while driving.

Try barking out orders to your team via a dictaphone to upload later.
– Stuff to create, pdf’s 
– to design, 
– adverts to place
– events to put in place
– list of podcasts/videos to record
– idea for free content to give away- etc

Turn off Grant, switch off Gary, put a team in place (We can do all your images, videos and marketing of course), and start barking out orders.

Start CREATING more stuff so that you increase your visibility.

If you’re not creating content, you’re consuming it.

If you’re not earning money, you’re spending it.

If you’re not persuading people, you’re being persuaded.

Now you will need the following

– a team to get shit done
– a dictaphone to record into
– an idea how to follow up with the team
– task management software (so the team can cross stuff off as it gets done)- a car to record your thoughts in (walking is acceptable)

Let me know how that starts working out for you !

Daniel Latto

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