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Podcast 41 Replay – Interview with Mark Evans from West Palm Beach, Florida And Dealing With Up To 100 Property Deals A Month

In this podcast, my good Facebook friend Mark Evans discusses how he handles up to 100 property deals a month, how he got started and how you can get started too.

We start off with how he secured his first deal with little experience and how how got to work smarter, not just harder.

That said, as well as working smarter, Mark triggers his Hustle Muscle with early morning starts and the implementation of systems in his business.

We also cover property sourcing using direct mail postcards.

This is an awesome interview and many of things we talk about can be used around the world when it comes to sourcing great property deals.

I have a tonne of respect for Mark and how he conducts both himself and his business.

He also has 2 books available :

Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy (Available on Amazon) &
One Buck Deals (also on Amazon)

Hope you enjoy it and my use of the term ‘dude’ !

Daniel Latto




Podcast 39 Replay – How to get 2 days out of 1, Mindset Hacks On To Feel Younger And Dealing With Fears Of Creating Content

In this podcast, taken from The Mindset & Hustle Show (My Facebook Live Show), I talk about why both Mindset and Hustle are so important to your success.

I also talk about how to schedule your day (and your mind) so that you can take 2 days out of just the 1 day, how to overcome fears and a mindset hack that helps you instantly get more energy (try it!)

The Mindset & Hustle Show can be found here

And if you want to join me LIVE on Facebook Live, then LIKE my Facebook Page here :
Hope you enjoy this podcast,
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 36 Replay – Adapt To Survive (What Worked Yesterday Won’t Work Today)

In this podcast I talk about the 5 things you need to be aware of in order to adapt quickly to a changing landscape.

This year, things are moving so fast, marketing plans change, the property market has changed and technology is changing the rules of the game.

What worked 20 years ago, or even just 5 years ago, sometimes won’t work now.

Adapt To Survive, or die out like the dinosaurs in a world that is never as it once used to be.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 101 – Dealing With Downtime – Facebook LIVE Replay

Another great Facebook LIVE replay where I discuss how to deal with downtime.

I travel an awful lot. (Just in January 2017 i had 7 flights, and I have 8 in February!)

So I get A LOT of downtime where I feel like I can;t do any work.

So this video talks about what I can do during that time to get the most out of it.

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Speak soon,




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Podcast 30 Replay – The Power Of 90 Day Goals

This podcast was designed to be more like an accelerated workshop for you to work through your 90 day goals.

Listen to it the once, and then do it again while pausing at the right points.

Just listening won’t change or improve your results, but actually going through the exercise in the podcast will.

You wouldn’t expect to get fit watching youtube fitness videos, so just as the mind is a muscle, you need to work it in order to get the results.

I’ve used 90 day goals for quite some time now, and the results are amazing.

You can achieve almost anything in 90 days. Lose a 12 lbs, find 20 new customers, create a brand new relationship – anything.

So settle down and go through the exercise. If you want help, and coaching to help you achieve more in the next 90 days, then go here :

Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 28 – Getting Stuff Done When You Don’t Feel Like It And The Negative Impact Of Social Media

Being unable to ‘get going’ can be a real show stopper when it comes to chasing your dreams.

Despite being ‘motivated’ enough, you still can’t seem to commit to getting the work done you know you should be doing.

So what do you do ? In this podcast I run through some of the things you can do that will help alleviate this temporary condition that many entrepreneurs go through.

In addition, I’ll talk about one of the causes, which is social media, and how this actually disrupts your journey to success.

There is a little bit of swearing in this one, but only a few choice words that i’m sure you’ve heard before.

I KNOW some people are going through this right now, and this will help you move forwards.

A good listen. Download to your mobile device and and listen on the way to work, on the tube or even in the car.

Hope you enjoy it.
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 14 Replay – Getting what you want through the power of Focus and short term goal setting

In this podcast I talk about how to keep your focus, and how you can use 90 day goals to sharpen that focus, begin to make better choices and start heading towards your goals much quicker than before.

We also cover the 8 factors you need to consistently lose weight (which also include 6 factors you need to be wealthy!)

The things I hear constantly is “I haven’t got enough time”, or “I haven’t got enough money” and so I talk about to take control of both of these.

Hope you enjoy this podcast,

Daniel Latto


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Podcast 84 – The #1 reason people fail. P.S. It’s not money, strategy or education!

What does success take?

It’s not money, it’s not strategy, it’s not knowledge.

It’s attitude. 100% all the way.

Your level commitment level will determine your outcome.

I see it time and time again, where people aren’t willing to make the commitment they will continue to fail.

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Daniel Latto


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Podcast 75 – How To Get Out Of A Rut

So how do you get out of being in a rut ?

During this podcast I talk about some of the challenges that we all face during growing our businesses (including me with Facebook Ads and Squeeze Pages!)

I cover some of the distractions that are available and what you can do to get back on track.

It’s really simple, and oh so obvious. But we tend to stick with the problem and sit at our desk until we resolve it. But often the answers come from outside of where we are.

So take a listen and let me know what you think !

Daniel Latto


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Podcast 74 – When You Increase The Amount of ORDER, Your Amount of Success Increases

So I was thinking about the differences between those that get success, and those that don’t.

The main difference I realised was about how much the person changes and adapts to a new style of living that is most likely to end up with being successful.

What are these differences ?

Well, one MAJOR difference is the ability to be increasingly organised the more successful they become.

Take a listen and let me know what you think,

Daniel Latto


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What Burnout Really Is And How To Deal With It

Burnout has become a bit of a fashion statement like stress used to be used before and depression is used today.  These words get thrown around in order to get sympathy from people without any real understanding what the original term means.  Overstating what is happening with us has a real impact on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  If you are going to overuse negatively impacting words then your language is going to become a detriment to your success and you need to keep it in check.

So first, let’s take a look at what burnout actually means rather than how it is used.

Burnout is the state reached when there is no more fuel left

Looking at what it means it is easy to see how people can overuse it and attach it to things which aren’t so detrimental.  Normally when people say it they mean any of the following:

  • Feeling tired
  • Not feeling motivated
  • Don’t know what to do next
  • Feeling like they’ve run out of options
  • Business is struggling
  • They’re struggling
  • Making unhealthy choices leading to tiredness
  • Not sleeping enough
  • And the list goes on

So if you or someone you know starts talking about burnout or how they are feeling burned out then cast your mind back to the list you’ve just read.  Could it be described better by one or several things you’ve read on the list?  Quite often I hear people classifying things the wrong way.  They don’t think about how it is impacting them and also the people around them.  Talking in a negative way regularly and being over the top with the level of negativity that you’re experiencing has an effect on the people that are around you most.

How To Deal With Burnout

add-fuel-to-avoid-burnoutLet’s take a look at the meaning of burnout again.  It is the end of a fuel supply.  There is simply no fuel left.  So what can be done about that?

Simply, the answer is to add more fuel.

That’s it.  No honestly it is as simple as that.

What is it that fuels you?  Why are you doing what you are doing?  Do you have bills to pay?


  • How much do you need to earn today to be able to pay those bills?
  • What can you do to earn the amount of money you need today?
  • Thinking about how you will feel knowing that you have covered your bills today, bring that feeling to making calls or whatever it is that you need to do.
  • Get that fuel inside of you before you pick up the phone

Once you’ve been able to pay your bills, you are into the zone of “What else do I want to bring money in for?”  Maybe you are wanting to

  • get a new car
  • buy some new clothes
  • redecorate a room in your house
  • pay for a wedding
  • buy a gift for someone you care about
  • have more money to give to a charity you like

Get into that zone next and bring that feeling to your work.  How much of an impact will that bring to what you need to do?

Once that fuel starts to disappear ask yourself

What is it that I want next?

By checking in with yourself like this you are giving yourself the fuel that you need to keep going.  The fuel source that you need can change many times throughout the day.  Oh and don’t be trying to put fuel in that you think you should want rather than what you actually do want.  That isn’t going to motivate you enough.  If what you really want is a gold Rolex covered in diamonds, don’t pretend that you are want to do something spiritual with your money.  Get the Rolex if that is what motivates you the most and once you have it the spiritual thing might be the next big motivator.  You have to do things in the right order and not what you want others to see you doing while pretending to have different urges and motivations.  People can see right through that anyway so just be honest with yourself.

So go ahead and get yourself fuelled up and then get the work done.

Daniel Latto Weekly Round Up 21st October 2016

The amount of content being released has now increased massively, so just to give you a heads up on what you may have missed over the last week I am going to release this round up every Sunday.  As you can see there is a great deal of quality content for you to look at so I have laid them all out easily for you.

Enjoy the content

Daniel Latto

How To Create Your Own 6 Figure Coaching Business In 12 Months

Today at 8pm UK time, I am running a live webinar teaching you how to create your own 6 Figure Coaching Business using the same methods that I used.  Now only was I able to create over £100k of business but I also did it while working less that before.  I even took 2 months off during July and August and still closed over £5k of business while doing nothing.

If you are wanting to become a 6 Figure Coach then come and join me tonight on this live webinar –>  Link Expired


give-value-debtLearn To Give Value To Yourself To Get Out Debt

I see so many people starting up a business in order to get rid of or lower debt.  They tend to miss out on some pretty important mindset factors before they start though.  If you know someone how is going through this, share it with them and help them out  Learn more


what-can-michael-jordan-teach-youWhat Can Michael Jordan Teach You About Business From The Court?

A lot of the things that I learned in business, I learned from playing basketball.  So many things in our lives are interchangeable yet we tend to dismiss them.  Take a look at this and see what you can start implementing today.  Learn more


podcast_72_-_why_your_support_network_is_vital_to_your_successWhy Your Support Network Is Vital To Your Success

When you have the support of those close to you in building your business, it makes the challenges become that much easier.  What do you do though if you don’t have that support around you?  Learn more


create-points-of-referenceKnowing How When You Are Changing Instead Of How To Change

When you start out on your journey, and also as you continue your journey, it is important that you create a system that helps you to recognise when you are changing and how much you are changing.  So many people get disheartened because they fail to recognise that they are moving forwards.  Learn more


podcast-73-stop-focussing-on-whats-not-working-and-how-to-ask-yourself-better-questionsStop Focusing On What’s Not Working And Start Answering Better Questions

Sometimes we get stuck in the problem, running the same negative thoughts around our heads as to why we can’t move forward.
In this podcast I talk about how to change your mindset and move from continually thinking about the problem (and coming up short every time) to actually thinking about how the solution would look like.  Learn more

adwords-highly-targetedGoogle Adwords For Small Businesses And Why You Should Be Using It

In this article I talk to you about how to use Google Adwords and why you should be using it.  Yes, Facebook is the big buzz platform but ignoring this on could cost you.  Learn more

Podcast 73 – Stop Focusing On What’s Not Working And Start Asking Yourself Better Questions

Sometimes we get stuck in the problem, running the same negative thoughts around our heads as to why we can’t move forward.

In this podcast I talk about how to change your mindset and move from continually thinking about the problem (and coming up short every time) to actually thinking about how the solution would look like.

We have plenty of time in the week to get stuff done, so this podcast should help you re-evaluate how you see the time you have.

Hope you enjoy it,

Daniel Latto


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Knowing When You Are Changing As Opposed To How To Change

One of the biggest focuses that you face as a new business owner or entrepreneur is how you have to change the way that you think and the way that you do things.  Yet many people start their own businesses and don’t even notice any changes happening to them at all.

One thing that people get wrong is that they expect some massive shift to occur where they will almost be dazzled by bright lights and they will know that some kind of miraculous event has occurred.  That isn’t how change happens though.  Often, without checking in on yourself and looking at where you are, it’s possible to go through major shifts that you aren’t even aware of.

So why does this happen?

Points Of Reference

create-points-of-referenceThe reason why we don’t notice these changes is that we lose sight of our points of reference.  When you start out and you don’t know anything you have a lot to learn and it can seem very overwhelming to decide what to do first and also to take everything in.  As you start to learn a bit at a time, your knowledge increases and your ability to learn and  think in a different way also increases.  These change are quite gradual so it can for a while feel like you are constantly going nowhere and then all of a sudden those things that you used to struggle with are now much easier and you are focusing on the next big thing that you need to do.

One of the ways of knowing when this is happening is to set points of reference before you start learning the new skill.  Kind of like,

When I know how to do X then I have learned another stage about this topic

You work out what your end goal for your learning is and you set way points along the journey leading you from the beginning right through to the final desired result.  Every week or two weeks depending on how fast you are planning on advancing, you can look at your points of reference and then see how much further on you are from when you started.  By doing this you are also giving yourself little victories along the way which is great for your mindset.  no longer are you burdened with getting to the end, but you are instead working yourself towards lots of little points of reference.

This can be for your business and also for your personal life.

  • Learning something that you can share with your partner
  • Taking up a new sport
  • Learning to play an instrument
  • Learning a language

while-ascending-to-your-goalsThere are so many applications that this is useful to you for.  Then when you look back on what you’ve worked on over the last 3 to 6 months you will see just how much you have achieved.  If you have really stuck into this you might find that you have surpassed your expectations.

If you are going to use this as a benchmark for you becoming a landlord then you can set points of reference up for all of the legal and financial aspects that you need to be aware of.  How much do you need to learn about marketing to source properties?  Create this structure for that as well.  Most of all, as you are going through your journey remember to look back and recognise how far you have come and how you have changed.



Intensity – What Can Michael Jordan Teach Us About Business?

So today in this video I am going to be talking about what we can learn from Michael Jordan about business.  A lot of things that I learned about business I actually learned from playing basketball.

In life, many of the things that we do have transferable skills.  The difference is that most people don’t think like that and only look at things in one dimension.  When you start to look at the different things that are in your life and how parts of those can be mapped across to your personal and professional life, more opportunities for growth emerge.

What if you had a hobby, let’s say for instance basketball, and there was a strategy or a mindset that had to be adopted to reach a certain level in your ability to play the game.  Do you think that there’s a possibility that as you make that shift in how you play the game and the mindset attached with that shift that you could benefit from that in other areas of your life too?  What if that mindset shift could be applied to your business so you can close more sales?  What if your level of understanding between you and your partner improved as a result of that shift?

This is the kind of thing that this video will show you.  Take a look and see where you can apply this new learning.

So now that you have seen this video and seen how I have used what I’ve learned, what can you take from this?

Learning to take things from videos such as this is what is going to take you forwards.  I don’t mean by that , that you just watch it and then think

Oh that’s nice, I’ll remember that someday when I need it.

What I mean is that you learn one little nugget and then you go and implement it straight away.  You find an aspect of your personal or professional life that you can alter today by using what you have just learned.  Then you test it to see what happens.  You will invariably get feedback from that and you will know what worked and what didn’t work.

In the beginning you will get much more of what doesn’t work than what does work.  That is then your cue to alter things and find out how you an make it work for you.  Getting feedback like that isn’t a cue to give in like I see so many people do.  This attitude shift towards learning is what will take you and your business forwards.  It’s about taking what you can from what you get and altering it to fit you.

So what are you going to do today to start making use of this new knowledge.  Commit to just one thing if you have to but make sure that you do something.  If you’re not moving forwards, then you are going backwards.

Podcast 71 – Jason Strachan Interviews Daniel Latto for his ‘One Thing To Do Everyday To Be Successful’

In this podcast, I’m being interviewed by Jason Strachan who has just set up his own podcast (I gave Jason some advice on the why and the how!).

So I get to be interviewed and the key question that Jason wanted answering was ‘What Do You Do To Do One Thing To Do Everyday To Be Successful?’

It’s always fun being interviewed as you never know where it’s going to go. We specifically speak about the ability to get your message across about how people do it – even people who you don’t want being successful (Think Dictators!). That’s why it’s so important that you become good at this skill, along with being able to get that message out across the various forms of media.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it

Daniel Latto


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Struggling With Something? Help Someone Else!

Through out your journey, there will be moments when you are struggling with something.  It could be that you are having difficulty learning or implementing something.  Whatever it is you can always get further ahead by helping someone else who has that same problem.  In fact, you can greatly improve your life overall by helping people full stop.

One of the things that I love about coaching is getting to help people.  I get paid to help people improve their lives.  Also while I am helping people, I find that people tend to have similar issues to resolve as me.  Whilst I am coaching them, the answers that we both need come from me.

Think that you haven’t got anything going on in your life right now that needs resolving?  Notice how many people come to you with the same issue.  It’s uncanny really how things like this happen and keep on happening.

You don’t have to wait for someone to come to you for you to help someone.  You can also decide to pay it forward by going out and helping some people who are less fortunate than you.  There are lots of charities and groups out there that need your help.  It might be that you find one that needs the kind of skills that you possess or you might find that you need to learn some new skills to be able to give fully.  Whichever it is you will find that you get some benefit from doing something nice for someone and of course the people that you helo will get some benefit from your help.

After my baby Lucia was born, I was holding her and a thought struck me.

How easy would it be for this beautiful girl to take just 2 or 3 wrong turns in her life and end up on the streets?

It was after this that I decided that I would create the Lucia Project to help people that are homeless.

The Lucia Project Is Born

10313730_595466330583306_6449173715687283121_nI could see what was already being offered to help homeless people in Leeds.  There are some great services out there but the whole system seemed very fragmented.  One group would offer one thing that was needed and another group was offering another thing that they needed, etc.  The problem was that they all had the pieces that they needed to complete the jigsaw puzzle but they were all competing against each other which isn’t good for someone who is actually homeless.

So I decided that I would start putting together backpacks to hand out to people with some essentials in them.  I went around Leeds with just hats and gloves to start with and asked them what kinds of things they needed.  So many people miss the boat on this.  They don’t bother to ask the people who they are helping what they actually need as they believe they already have the answers for them.  When you ask people what it is that they need and how they need it, you are giving tons of value.

I sourced backpacks and items such as energy bars, boxer shorts, toothpaste and toothbrush, cleansing wipes and other items that people said they needed.  I also managed to source sleeping bags as many people were saying that they were having their sleeping bags taken off of them by other homeless people but also the police.  Yes the British police go out and take sleeping bags from people without a home.  That i couldn’t stop but I could help to prevent other homeless people from doing it by flooding Leeds with lots of sleeping bags.  When people have their survival needs met by having something as simple to us as a sleeping bag they don’t need to go out looking for someone else’s to take.

I also made a point of taking my two eldest daughters with me so and talking to the homeless people to find out why they were in that predicament.  I wanted my daughters to see how some people can go off course a little and that there’s nothing really different between them.  While I was out I spoke to many qualified people such as soldiers, and tradesmen.  I even once spoke to an engineer who was there because he had split up from his ex partner and he couldn’t stay at his friends houses because they all had children and he had no family.  He had nowhere else to go and became stuck in homelessness.

Giving Hope To Those Who Feel Hopeless

helping-handI do a little bit to help them with their mindset as well while I talk to them.  Giving them backpacks isn’t solving all of their issues.  Instead I’m giving them something else.  I’m giving them hope.

If you go out today and give some hope to 5 people that you don’t know and you do the same again next week, what can you imagine that is going to improve in your life?  How much hope do you think that you’ll be able to find when you are going through struggles?

I’m not saying that everyone should go out giving backpacks to the homeless and take their children with them as doing that isn’t for everyone.  There are many groups out there that need your help.  You could help out at a food bank and maybe give a little encouragement to the people you are helping there.  Maybe going to visit the elderly who don’t have their kids around to look after them.

Whatever you choose to do, just give a little hope to someone out there who needs it.

Is The Marshmallow Experiment Hurting You And Your Business?

The way that we are told to think and be by society these days can be potentially very damaging for us.  It is a way of keeping us playing small and locked into this cycle of accepting less than what we are really worth.

It encourages to spend money we don’t have on things that we don’t need.  To throw away objects and people without making any real effort.  to give up on our long term plans to settle for something that is often less than average.  We are encouraged by those close to us to eat chocolate rather than say no and get to our weight loss goals much faster.

I often say to people this phrase because once you truly understand it, your whole life can change.

The way that you do one thing, is the way that you do everything

This one thing is how you are showing up in the world.  It is how you are showing up to your friends, your family, your clients and everyone else that you meet.  It all revolves around the marshmallow experiment which not only shows you how you are showing up in the world right now but how you will show up in the future if you continue along that path.

The first step of course is admitting that this is what you are doing.  Most people avoid that and say that it doesn’t apply to them because they’re only doing it now and again.  Yet if someone was to follow you around all day everyday for let’s say 2 weeks, would they agree that you are only doing that now and again or would they see something happening that you are pretending to yourself isn’t?

What Is The Marshmallow Test?

The marshmallow test is a test that was done by a teacher to see how kids would react to a challenge and how this would relate to their future self.  The teacher wanted to know if by using a simple marshmallow, they could differentiate between two types of people.  So here is the test.

The teacher gave all of the children a marshmallow.  They were told that if they wished, they could eat the marshmallow there and then and that was fine.  There was nothing wrong in doing that.  They were also told that if they waited for half an hour without eating the marshmallow that they would be given with another marshmallow.

So what happened?  95% of the children ate the marshmallow within half an hour.  Only 5% waited and received a second marshmallow.

are-you-part-of-majority-or-minoritySo what did that mean for the children in the future?

They checked the grades that were achieved by all of the children involved and found that the 5% that waited achieved higher average grades than the 95% that ate it within the half hour.

Now you might be asking what is different between these two groups so here it is.  The 95% group were more interested in instant gratification than the 5% were.  The 5% group were more interested in the long term reward and so they naturally did things that helped them to achieve long term success.

How This Is Affecting You And Your Business

Now you might be naive in thinking that it’s only a marshmallow and what does that really have to do with my success?  Well look at the quote above one more time.  If you are going to be more interested in instant gratification than long term success, is your journey to success going to be easier or harder?

What type of property deals are you going to chase and which ones will s;lip past your periphery because you were more interested in getting that quick fix rather than the long term implications?

As a society we are accruing more and more bad debt.  Debt in itself isn’t a bad thing and can be a great way of making money.  A mortgage on a rental property for example is a good debt.  It makes you more money than the debt costs so it is useful to you. Spending money on a credit card isn’t in itself a bad thing.  Using a credit card at a 0% interest rate to offset against your mortgage can be a good debt with the right deal.  Borrowing on a credit card at a rate lower than your mortgage interest can also be classed as a good debt.  Paying for training or coaching on a credit card that is going to bring you a higher rate of return than what you have spent including the interest is a version of good credit card debt.  Spending money on clothes that you are going to use personally or maybe even never wear at all is bad credit card debt.

retail-therapyPeople try to rationalise it by calling it retail therapy.  You feel sad so you go and accrue more bad debt in order to make yourself feel good.  Can you see how crazy that is?  If you haven’t realised this fully until now then I hope that this wakes you up.  How much is that bargain that you’ve put on your credit card costing you over the lifetime of repayments that you have to make against it?  Is it still a bargain after you add up the initial payment along with the interest payments?  If you have invested that into something that will pay you money, how much have you lost out on as a result?  By playing along with this idea that shopping is a kind of therapy you are making it harder for you to become financially free.  You need to do the maths on all of this to see what it is really costing you.

The way that you do one thing, is the way that you do everything

If you have bad debt, work to clear that debt first.  Stop spending money that you don’t have on things that aren’t either essential to your survival or paying you back more than what you are paying out.  When you’ve cleared that bad debt start to put that money that you were paying out and start investing it in assets that are going to start paying you.  That’s the way to do it folks.  Start being the person who will sit there with their marshmallow and not eat it for half an hour and double your returns.  The way you thought as a child doesn’t have to be the way that you think as an adult.  Start saying no to the things that are taking you away from your goals and be patient enough to reap the rewards.

How To Master Twitter

Twitter is a highly effective social media tool when used the right way.  It encourages interaction between the person posting and the person reading and can be a really quick fire way of building a following.  Like all social media tools it has to be used correctly and in it’s own unique way.  Using a Facebook strategy on Twitter won’t work and vice-versa.

You need to be using the right tools for the right job.  By being lazy and trying to use every platform in the same way you will only create disinterest amongst your followers and turn off your prospects.  What you really want is for them to be engaged with you and wanting to see more of you.

Create Great Content

The first step is to create tweets that are going to give value and also that people are going to retweet (share for those of you that are new to Twitter).  The more retweets you get the further your reach expands and the more influence you can create.  There is a discussion to be had about how many times a day you should be tweeting.  One side will tell you to be consistent daily but not to go too far.  Yet recently, Grant Cardone has instructed his social media team to be sending out a tweet every 6 minutes.  This is one of those times when you have to work out your own strategy through trial and error.  When people start turning off, you’ve tweeted too many times.  If they aren’t engaging at all then you’re not tweeting enough.

The trick of course with Twitter is to create something that people will get value from and want to share within 140 characters.  Links on tweets will soon no longer count as characters giving you more scope to play with.  This means that you can write a great blog post giving tons of value and use the full 140 characters selling the sizzle to get them to click.  Alternatively you could create a great image or infographic and then use your 140 characters to talk around that.

Re-purposing Content

repurpose-postsRe-purposing your content is also a great way of maximising your Twitter output without having to sit at your computer all day trying to think of tweets to put out.  Once you have been putting out a good number of tweets, you can check on your Twitter Analytics to see which tweets are getting the most interaction.  The ones that aren’t getting much interaction need to be changed until they start to get some traction and the best ones can be re-used to help spread your message.

When you are doing this you need to be looking at the percentage of engagement above anything else.  What is it about that tweet that is getting you a higher engagement?  How could you replicate that with other tweets to further increase your engagement across the board?


You have to be using the right hashtags on Twitter to get noticed.  One way that you can do that is to find people within your profession and see what they are using as hashtags.  Now most of them will create their own but you have to look at it from a perspective of “What can I create for myself from this?”.  That is what is going to help you get ahead of the game.

hashtagsWhat hashtags are your potential clients using?  If your business is based in one location, search on twitter for hashtags relating to that location or people in that location that fit your customer avatar.  What are they tweeting about and what hashtags are they using?  What problems do they have and how can you solve those problems for them?

By solving people’s problems and bring those solutions to them on a platform that they are using you are going to find that people become interested in who you are and what value you have to offer much more quickly.

Creating More Blog Content From Interactions

One of the great things about Twitter is how people interact with you.  They will respond to your posts and sometimes even ask you questions.  When this happens write a blog post that answers their questions and then share it with them.  Tag them in it so that they can see that you are personally responding to their questions.  This helps you to build a community on Twitter where people build trust in you.  Trust is one of the key factors in social media.  People need to be able to trust you to buy from you.

How many blog posts can you create from one question or response?  You don’t have to put all of your blog posts out in one go.  You can write one and then schedule it for a week, a fortnight or even a month later.  Add to your calendar when blog posts are going out so that you don’t overlap.  This then take the pressure off of you to be creating content on a daily basis.  You could get 3 to 5 blogs created one day and then schedule those out.  Do that for 3 days a week and within a couple of months you will have masses of content going out that you can then also re-purpose.

If you have any questions about using Twitter or getting your social media campaign going, just click the Work With Me Tab and let me know what your issues are.

How To Get Your Focus Back

Sometimes in life you find that you lose the momentum that you once had.  Your level of activity towards reaching your goals goes down.  You lose that fire in your belly to keep pushing.  If your goal is weight loss, your diet might start to slip or you might not be exercising as much.  If it is for your business, you might not be dropping as many leaflets as you were or not making those calls that you need to make.

Normally it is from something stressful happening that knocks you out of your stride and you struggle to get back on it again.  I know how this feels myself.  I’ve had times when I stopped going to the gym and my diet was terrible.  Changing that back round to having a healthy diet and exercising regularly after a month off was really hard work!

If you don’t have a routine yet, you need to create one.  That is the first step for you.  If you are focused on weight loss, you need to drink more water by planning how much you will drink and when you will drink it.  You need to plan your meals out ahead of time so you can keep on track.

If it is cold calling, you can set your day up where you make 5 calls between 9am and 10am, then another 5 calls at 10:30am to 11:30 am and then repeat this for the afternoon.  You need to make it a routine and make it a rigid one.  Nothing else can happen inside of those times.

Little Victories

celebrate-little-victoriesYou need to make your day full of little victories.  Pour your large glass of water that you are going to drink and make sure that you complete that within the allotted time.  If you haven’t then you need to drink it up and chalk that off as a win.  When I am on my group coaching calls, I start off by asking people what their victories are.  It can be anything at all that you’ve done.  I find that these not only allow the person saying it to recognise how well they have done but it also gives inspiration to other members that are struggling a bit themselves.  If you’re having a really, really bad day then the fact that you’ve got out of bed and put your underwear on the right way round is your victory so celebrate that.  It doesn’t have to be something huge.  Just keep making little wins for yourself so that you can get into the idea of winning daily.

Rewarding yourself with food that is bad for you isn’t the way to celebrate.  You need to reward yourself with something that is going to be good for you.  So no fish and chips because you’ve eaten well all week.  Instead go for a massage, buy a good book or book a reiki session.  If it is a business reward you could take the team out bowling or some other type of activity.

If you do fall off of the wagon, don’t beat yourself up.  Get back to what you were doing again and start over.  It isn’t the end of the world if you smoke cigs one night or eat a bag of donuts.  Just get back on the routine train again and start your mission over.  Take the learnings that you’ve taken about why you folded and put that into an action plan for the next time.  Our slip ups are often there to show us that we’ve missed something from our planning.  If you had no plans at all, then that is the thing you are missing.

If you need to lose weight, go to the gym, get changed and just sit in the changing room for 10 minutes.  Then get changed back again and go home.  Now I know that this sounds crazy but there is a science behind this.  There is something called Summit Fever.  If you’ve never heard of it before listen to Podcast 16 from my podcast show to find out more about that.

could-you-be-making-calls-todayIf you need to make cold calls, get your call list ready.  If you are using a script then make sure that you have practised it enough times that you can now say it without it sounding like a script.  Get your telephone number ready and dial up to the last digit, take a deep breath and then press in the last digit and call them.

Once you get into the habits of creating these little victories and you start making these a habit you will start to get the results.  Don’t try and kid yourself that it doesn’t matter.  Of course it matters.  Your future self is relying on you doing this.  So go out there today and do something that your future self will thank you for.

Podcast 66 – Is Networking A Waste Of Time

This Podcast is extracted from one of my videos and wanted to share the message.

I’ve been to networking events, and I’ve worked the rooms incredibly well.

And whilst that’s fine – there’s an awful lot of stuff to get done in order to ensure that Networking Events will be worth your time, compared to say, other types of making contact with people.

Because deep down, that’s really what networking boils down to isn’t it.

The problem, or mistake that I see a lot of people make are that they go to a networking event and then just speak to the same last 3 people they saw last time.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of a networker, whereas I would much prefer to speak to someone who has more experience than I do; but invariably, I’m always the one who happens to have the most experience (with 17 years of property investing under my belt).

So in order for me to make the most out of my valuable time, I decided to do something different.

I had no choice. I live in Spain, so for me to attend a networking event it means I actually have to fly there!

NOT the best use of my time.

So find out what I do instead by downloading the podcast.

Any questions, comments, etc then please let me know !


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What Is A “Time Thief” & What Should You Do About Them?

In this video I explain to you what a “time thief” is.  You might have come across people like this before or after watching the video you might realise that you’ve been one yourself.

Knowledge is power and when you realise what you are doing suddenly, you are then empowered to change your behaviours and actions in a way that helps you to move forwards.

Not everyone will come out and say this to you but I want you to be successful.  Becoming successful means being able to take the truth when you see it and then empower yourself by making the necessary changes.

After watching this you will have an example of what a “time thief” is and if you are one at the moment you will also know what you can do to empower yourself in a more powerful way.

You Have Already Chosen Your Results & You Can Change Them Again

I’ve just recently come back to Spain from the UK.  Each time I do this it’s a bit of a trek.  Buses, trains, planes and taxis.  It takes quite a bit to get there and get back.

This is my choice though.

I make that choice to go through all of that so I can live in Spain and have the lifestyle that I have out here.

You have your choices too.  The job that you have is a choice.  The travel to work is a choice.  You made those choices and you continue to make them.  You choose to get up in a morning, then you chose whether to have breakfast or not and how you are going to get to work etc.

sitting-in-trafficYou can make different choices if you want to.  That’s what I did.

I chose to stop sitting in queues of traffic each morning to go to a job that didn’t really fulfil me or make me truly happy.  I chose to put an end to that.

If you felt like you truly had a choice, what would you do tomorrow morning?  Would you get up and go to work because you love what you do or would you like to do something different?

If you love your job then that’s great.  You’ve found something that fulfils you so keep on doing it.  If you would rather make a different choice then you need to start making some different choices.

Instead of sitting watching tv, how about you start working on a business that is going to pay you enough over time so that you can leave that job that you don’t really like?  If you don’t have the skills yet, go and get those skills.  If you don’t have the confidence to do it on your own, go and get a coach to guide you and help you with your mindset.

It’s all about the choices you make from day to day and moment to moment.


Podcast 64 – Success is about Hustle, But Only If You’re Working On The Right Things

In this podcast, we talk about Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone and how HUSTLE is the way to get results.

BUT we also issue a warning, that hustling on the wrong things will simply burn you out.

Instead I discuss what the 4 things that you should be hustling on in your business to get more clients.

A short 15 minute podcast – quick and to the point.

You can listen to this podcast and many more by using the links below.

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