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Social Media Marketing Hints and Tips for Your Business

Claim Your Free Website Audit And See How Well You’re Doing

We're busy running website audits this morning.

I can't even begin to tell you just how much people have got it wrong on their website 🙁

Just because 'it's all a bit complicated' doesn't mean you shouldn't be on it.

Here's the top list of mistakes

- poor landing pages
- website created in 2004 and never updated 
- no Facebook pixel
- no opt in / lead magnet for data gathering
- no search engine optimisation whatsoever
- no content updates
- very little text on each page
- no video
- no podcasts to download

It's crazy.

There's literally THOUSANDS OF POUNDS being left on the table here - and we're living in 2018, not 1996.

Some folks HAVE got it right however, and that's refreshing to see.

Strangely enough, it's those businesses that have their website stuff sorted out that makes them more financially successful - weird how that works out - lol

You can claim yours HERE

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New Facebook Ads Hack! Free Trick Reveals How To Spy On The Best Facebook Ads For Beginners & Pros!

For today’s blog post, I’m going to be featuring a very helpful video by Miles Beckler on Facebook ads.

This goes for any businesses, big or small, or anyone wanting to be discovered through one of the most dominant social media on the internet. Or maybe you just want to up your advertising game on Facebook when you feel like nothing is really progressing in that area.

Traditional forms of advertisements are becoming less and less effective and it’s proven that you can reach more people more effectively through the medium that is the internet. Facebook advertisements have always been there but with more people just simply scrolling through, there’s no guarantee that Facebook users will take your advertisements seriously. So in this video, facebook hacks on advertisement might just be what you need. And if you also want to spy on other competitors, there may also be a hack in there too.

Hope you enjoy this video and I hope this helped, give Miles Beckler’s video a like, also check out his channel and subscribe.

You can get more from me at including over 100 information fueled podcasts and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

Speak soon,

Dan Latto

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Throwback Video | Has Content Creation Replaced Advertising

Daniel Latto | VLOG Has Content Creation Replaced Advertising
It certainly seems that way.
More and more everyday, we are evolving and developing more towards modernity. It’s like one day, you think we’ve reached the peak of the heights of technology and the next day, we’re reaching new heights once more. But of course, the more we lean more towards new and modern ways to run our business, we begin to turn our backs from the traditional methods.
In this case, content creation versus advertising. Which is better?
Because in advertising, some traditional methods include commercials, is that effective now? Sure we see commercials being emerged within contents such as ads before a youtube video but people can easily skip that, so I ask again, is that really effective now?
Or is content creation the new way for advertising?
It’s WAY  cheaper.
And WAY more targeted.
And you can do more with it – for example, segment to a list and send specific campaigns based on their actions – try doing that with TV or Radio!
Things are definitely changing – but are you?

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How to Become a Social Media Influencer – Make Money Online and Become Internet Famous!

Learn five simple tips from Neil Patel on how to become a social media influencer, so you can spread your message and make money online.



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Gary Vaynerchuck | 95% of You Will Ignore This 2018 Marketing Strategy | Business Squared Keynote in Australia

This is the greatest marketing strategy for 2018 that I can give any of you…

Focus heavily on being successful with social media marketing specifically with Instagram and Facebook.


If you don’t, your chances of success will be much slimmer than anyone that does.


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ALSO here’s the link to some of my marketing / passive income / investing resources :


My favourite book on getting noticed on Social Media :


New To Investing? Here’s the book that started it all :


My favourite book on Bitcoin & Crypto currency Investing :


My favourite book on Property Sourcing & Compliance :


My favourite book on Money :


Keep the Marketing Momentum Going

So if we can agree that in order to generate more interest in your business, find more leads and ultimately close more deals; that you have to have consistent marketing, then the next step is to create .. consistent marketing.

I know. Kind of obvious really isn’t it.

But this is what happens :

People START. And that’s awesome.

But they don’t get immediate results.

So they stop.

So without even any chance of getting this thing off the ground, they’ve given up on their marketing efforts.

“It doesn’t work” they say.

But it does. They just gave up too early.

So keeping the momentum moving forward is key. In everything you’re doing.

Such as :

  • If you’re making videos. Make more.
  • If you’re writing articles, get in to the habit of knocking an article out at least once a day and make it a habit.
  • If you’re recording audio, awesome, record 3 or 4 in a row so that you also have content to be released next week as well.

Keeping momentum can be really hard, BECAUSE you’ve spent all this time and seemingly those results haven’t hit yet.

But I’ve recorded a video 3 years ago that FINALLY resonated with the viewer so much they decided to pay £5,000 for coaching services. THREE  YEARS!

And what, you’re complaining because the article you wrote 2 WEEKS ago hasn’t gained traction ?

Like I say, there is SO MUCH noise out there that you have to be consistent in your habits of creating content.

I know it’s hard.  I know it’s time consuming. But it’s vital for your business to grow.

What To Do About It

So this is the bit where we offer our help.  We’ve been creating fresh content on a daily basis for a long time.  And we can do the same for you.

Fresh content keeps you in the persons mind. They know you’re available.

And when they need your product or service, who do you think they’re going to remember ?

You, who has fresh content going out on a regularly basis, or the other person who is hardly visible at all ?

If you want to speak more about this, then just complete this form : Strategy Session

Daniel Latto


WEBSITE GROWTH : How are you tracking your progress ?

In order to track our Website Growth, we set a new target yesterday on our website for the number of visitors we get per day.

Now it’s important to point out that this Website Growth figure is not in the thousands of visitors – what we do on my website is fairly niche.

When I had my old lettings agency for example, we received an average of 35,000 visitors a month.

Think about that for a second – that’s more than a thousand people a day running through your shop – wouldn’t that help your business !

But that’s a lettings agency which had all sorts of stuff bolted on to it.  It’s not a niche coaching company.

SMarketing will help your Website Growth Figureso the key here is that you should be measuring some form of data so that you can then decide how to increase the numbers you’re looking at.

So if you’re getting 10 visitors a day to your website, how can you increase that to say 20 ?

If you’re getting 200 a day, how can you increase that to 400 ?

You see one of the things I’ve noticed is that when a client signs up for our 12 months coaching package (which you should do also by the way as it’s seriously awesome!) – they generally have been on my mailing list for some time.

In other words, they haven’t just found me on Google. They generally don’t fill in that form unless they have listened to my podcasts, connected with me on Social Media or messaged me in some way.

So it’s the same for you.

What leads to a person making a transaction with you ?

Firstly the need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

Secondly, they need to know that what you do (as in your service or product) can actually help them get the results they’re looking for, or will ENABLE them to move closer to the result they need.

Now what’s interesting about this is that in real life it actual works the other way around.

Track your website growth figures daily

Track your website growth figures daily

First they’re looking for a solution to their problem.

THEN they will decide whether they like and trust you enough to make the transaction.

That’s why I keep going on about video and podcasting, because it actually does both for you.

Despite creating videos for 5 years, 2016 was the first year a lead was actually generated from YouTube.

Since starting podcasts in just June 2015 (less than 2 years ago), a large proportion of leads has come from there.

But what tends to happen is that people will see you on one medium, and then seek you out on another medium; hence the idea about mulitple messages on multiple mediums.

All of this can be very time consuming – which is why so many people struggle to find time to do it.

Only, the consequence of this is that then their reach no longer extends beyond the people who already know about them in their immediate circle of influence.

You have to find a way to reach out further.

And all of this ACTUALLY starts with having a plan about how many website visitors you have.

Everything you do should driving people onto the next step.  Be it an opt in on a website, or to join a group

From a really basic stand point, if you’re just getting 10 people per day to visit your site, you could just start placing adverts on places like Gumtree.  I mean, it’s a start right ?

Get obsessed with that website visitor number. The more people who know about you, and the more people who spend time LISTENING to YOUR STUFF, to WATCHING your embedded YouTube videos, the more people are going to hang around and build the ‘Know, Like & Trust’ aspect. Website Growth is an important aspect of your business, so focus on it.

Come on admit it – most people don’t even know how many website visitors they have.

In fact they say ‘that number is so low I don’t even bother’ which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you should be doing!

Imagine having 50,000 visitors a month and saying ‘That number is so high I don’t even bother’ – you can say that because you’re already well on your way.

Look, if the number is so low why bother – then why bother to even have a website ?

It’s a waste of money. Might as well send Facebook Advert traffic to a squeeze page or to join a Facebook Group.

So how about you take that investment (the website) and start using it as you should.

  1. Drive traffic to it
  2. Have an opt in box with a ‘lead magnet’
  3. provide content in the form of Articles, Videos and Podcasts
  4. Build value via email, invite them to join you on Social Media (to build the Know, Like & Trust)
  5. Watch those visitor numbers increase
  6. Ensure you have a conversion mechanism (a way to get people to speak to you so you can help identify their real problem and offer your solution if it’s a fit)

All of this starts from checking those visitor numbers on your website.

Get to it !

Daniel Latto

P.S. One of my companies provides great value websites here : Leeds Website Design


Website Growth with Business Coach Daniel Latto


Podcast 35 Replay – The 7 Steps You Must Make Before Investing In Social Media Advertising

In this podcast, I run through the 7 steps a business needs to put in place before they spend money on Social Media Advertising.

Putting these 7 steps in place will help you create more focus on your adverts and a better overall Return on Investment.

In my coaching sessions with clients, I can see many want to do it themselves, and whilst this may be good for ‘experience’, it’s generally terrible in terms of growing their business.

Listen to the podcast and see how each if these 7 steps can help you get a better return on your Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 32 Replay – Facebook, Trolls and Forums

Internet Trolls are everywhere online it seems.

In fact, over the last few days a post in Facebook group was removed due to a ‘troll’ pretty much taking over it and causing an argument. It wasn’t one of mine but a Facebook friend who has been interviewed in my podcast series.  The post was providing valuable information for the groups members, but due to this troll, was taken down.

I’ve also been the subject of trolling (on more than one occasion) and it’s results are either very upsetting, or they leave you with a sense that what you’re doing is wrong in some way, or unimportant.

So I created this podcast, one to get it off my chest, but two, to show other people what trolls are, what they do, and what they can do improve their daily existence by recognising them when they appear and what to do instead.

As ever, this podcast is from the heart and it sure is passionate – so I hope you enjoy it !
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 30 Replay – The Power Of 90 Day Goals

This podcast was designed to be more like an accelerated workshop for you to work through your 90 day goals.

Listen to it the once, and then do it again while pausing at the right points.

Just listening won’t change or improve your results, but actually going through the exercise in the podcast will.

You wouldn’t expect to get fit watching youtube fitness videos, so just as the mind is a muscle, you need to work it in order to get the results.

I’ve used 90 day goals for quite some time now, and the results are amazing.

You can achieve almost anything in 90 days. Lose a 12 lbs, find 20 new customers, create a brand new relationship – anything.

So settle down and go through the exercise. If you want help, and coaching to help you achieve more in the next 90 days, then go here :

Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 28 – Getting Stuff Done When You Don’t Feel Like It And The Negative Impact Of Social Media

Being unable to ‘get going’ can be a real show stopper when it comes to chasing your dreams.

Despite being ‘motivated’ enough, you still can’t seem to commit to getting the work done you know you should be doing.

So what do you do ? In this podcast I run through some of the things you can do that will help alleviate this temporary condition that many entrepreneurs go through.

In addition, I’ll talk about one of the causes, which is social media, and how this actually disrupts your journey to success.

There is a little bit of swearing in this one, but only a few choice words that i’m sure you’ve heard before.

I KNOW some people are going through this right now, and this will help you move forwards.

A good listen. Download to your mobile device and and listen on the way to work, on the tube or even in the car.

Hope you enjoy it.
Daniel Latto



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How To Remove A LinkedIn Connection

LinkedIn can be a great tool to connect with people from your industry and also your audience.  I have found it to be a great tool and continue to grow my connections on a regular basis.

Sometimes though you might have a connection on there that you no longer want to be connected to and it’s time to give them the heave-ho.

Reasons To Remove A Connection On LinkedIn

Unfortunately as with all social media platforms, some people on LinkedIn are just spammers.  All they do is spam links all of the time and don’t post anything of value to you.

There are also people that you have connected with for a particular reason and now there isn’t a reason to remain connected so you just want to let that contact go.  You may have a personal or a business related dispute and you would rather disconnect from them.

It could be an old work colleague that you didn’t really like when you were working there but you had them as a contact because you felt obliged to.  Now that you aren’t working with them anymore you can let them go and not have to be connected anymore.

It could be that you have a contact that has certain political or religious beliefs that you don’t want to be connected with.

In fact there could be any number of reasons that you want to become disconnected with someone.

How To Remove A Contact On LinkedIn

I have put together this quick video showing you how to remove contacts from LinkedIn and also how to block or unfollow them of that is your wish.

Take a look and you will quickly learn how to do this.

So now that you know how to do this, you can now work your way through your contact list and remove those people that you don’t want to be connected to anymore.

Building up contacts can be a great tool but sometimes you just don’t want to be connected to someone anymore.

Now that you have this simple guide to follow you can remove as many of them as you wish.

Creating your Social Media Strategy For 2017

Before you start putting content out on social media, you need to decide on a strategy.  The first thing that you need to think about is what you want to achieve from it.  Are you looking to increase the number of likes on your page, create more interaction on your page, increase overall brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or get signups to your lead magnet offer.

Without this direction in mind, you are going to find that you are scattered in your approach and will either fail or burnout trying to do too many things at once.

You’ve got to have a plan!

Setting Up Your Social Media Strategy

When deciding on your social media strategy, you need to make sure that it is inline with your overall company goals and values.  It has to show those values and the ethos within what you do.

You need to also look at how social media can influence or help to complete your overall company goals, rather than just your social media goals.  This makes it easier to complete as the two are intertwined and not in competition with one another.

So look at your company goals first.  How can you create a social media strategy that will support or complete these goals?

Are you looking to expand into new market areas?  Perhaps you have a new product that you want to launch.  How can your social media campaign for this year help you to achieve these goals?

Who can you connect with using social media that can help you to do this?  Do you need to connect with certain individuals or will you be better targeting an interest group for example?

Would you be able to do all of this organically or would you need to look at paid advertising to achieve this?

Free can be great, but sometimes you need to pay to get there quicker.

Breaking Down Your Goals

Once you have this all worked out, then you need to break your goals down into steps that you can take action on and decide by when you are going to have these done.

Goals need to have a date on them and you need to do whatever it takes to hit those goals by that allotted time.

1934879Who are you going to target?  How are you going to target them?  When will you have your first few key influencers or your first 100 people from that interest type?

Also, what are you going to do once you’ve achieved that?  What will it give you the ability to achieve by doing it?

If it isn’t going to make a difference to your business then is it a goal worth pursuing?

Then you need to look at the results that you are getting and see if you are on track to achieve them or if you need to change your tactics.

Prioritise your Goals

Once you have your goals laid out you need to prioritise.  You need to decide in which order things need to happen so that you get the most benefit.  It’s no good putting the eggs in after you take the cake out of the oven.

How much value is each goal going to bring to your company?  How much effort is going to be required to achieve it?  Can you pick one out that is going to give you the most benefit with the least required effort?  That is going to accelerate your results.

1864267Once you have your goals prioritised, it’s time to delegate and set your goals.  If you are working on your own then this is the time to put things into your calendar.

You need to calculate how much time you have and how much each task will need then map that onto the corresponding time frame.  If you have 2 weeks to complete task 1 and 4 weeks to complete task 2 then for the first 2 weeks task 1 needs to take priority with a small amount of time being also allocated to task 2.  This means that as task 1 is completed your aren’t starting from the beginning with task 2 in case you have misjudged how long you will need to complete a bigger task.

I hope this has been of use to you and will help you to get your social media moving for the next 11 months.

Podcast 22 – How I Made £5,000 From One YouTube Video

In this podcast, I talk about how I made £5,000 from one Youtube Video that (at the time of printing this) had just 42 views.

Anyone can do this, it’s not rocket science, but you need to take action.

If anything, these podcasts are about helping people to take action. I’m happy to fill in the spaces where people have knowledge gaps but ultimately, your success relies on you doing the things you said you were going to do.

I LOVE feedback, so if there is something you want to say, or you have a request for something you want covering, then drop me a line !

Hope you enjoy this podcast,

Daniel Latto


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Podcast 15 Replay – Part 1 & 2 – Mark Donnan Discussing Marketing Psychology To Attract More Business

Mark Donnan Talks Marketing and getting into your customers head.

Expect a content filled webinar from Mark Donnan, Director of Froggo Marketing. Mark has grown his Marketing Business significantly over the past few years and when he speaks, the industry jumps.

Mark is years ahead of the competition and is a powerhouse in the world of marketing.

Listen to the podcast, and then contact Mark if you want to get in front of more clients.

Some real gems in this interview, so I hope you have a pen and paper ready and are prepared to take notes!

Mark has significantly grown his business to now having 14 offices around the world

Marks website is available at

Hope you enjoy this podcast,

Daniel Latto


 Part 2


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Podcast 14 Replay – Getting what you want through the power of Focus and short term goal setting

In this podcast I talk about how to keep your focus, and how you can use 90 day goals to sharpen that focus, begin to make better choices and start heading towards your goals much quicker than before.

We also cover the 8 factors you need to consistently lose weight (which also include 6 factors you need to be wealthy!)

The things I hear constantly is “I haven’t got enough time”, or “I haven’t got enough money” and so I talk about to take control of both of these.

Hope you enjoy this podcast,

Daniel Latto


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Are You Making The Most of Facebook Live?

2016 became the year that live video streaming came to prominence.  Starting out on Periscope initially and then soon after Facebook moved into the live streaming arena.

periscope-logoIn the beginning Facebook live was only available to a small percentage of business pages to test the system out.  Now though, it is available to anyone with a personal account and a compatible phone.

Live streaming is going to be massive this year and you’re going to see me on there a lot more.  Here’s why.

Use Facebook Live To Connect With your Audience

Facebook live is a great way of allowing your customers to see who you really are and also to interact with you.  People can post questions to you live so that you can use this tool to build credibility and also to connect on a deeper level.

Your audience don’t just want to see postings, they want to be able to connect with you.  They want to find out about who you are as a person.  They want to know that if they entrust their money onto you that they will be able to trust you.

This is one of the opportunities that you have with Facebook live.

Are you ready to go live?

Are you ready to go live?

How To Use Facebook Live The Right Way

  1. Let you fans know that you are going to be online.  Send out a message telling people that you are going to be online on a certain day at a certain time.  Send this out to your Facebook page and also to your email list.  Encourage as many people as you can that you are going to be online and available.
  2. Tell people what you are going to be talking about.  Encourage people to come to you with any questions that they have about that topic.  Also encourage people to ask questions that they would like answering for future live videos.  This also gives you content that you can produce that will be useful.
  3. Can you have a regular time slot?  Going live at one time of the day might be more popular than at other times.  Can you then make that a regular slot so that people know when and where to find you?  What would that do for your ability to connect with your audience?
  4. Give lots of value.  Don’t use this medium as a selling board.  People don’t want to come to a live video to be sold to all of the time.  Give them something useful that they can implement or take further.

Looking forward to seeing you on some of my Facebook live feeds in the near future.

Podcast 93 – Email Marketing & The Only Numbers That Matter

For years, we’ve been told ‘the money is in the list’ and so we go off and spend money on building our list.

Only … there’s a problem. Email open rates have consistently been going down over the last 15 to 20 years.

Remember AOL when Joanna Lumley proudly announced ‘you have mail’ and we got excited ?

That no longer happens. Instead we’re deluged with emails every single day. And that causes a problem for us marketers.

So in this podcast, I talk about what numbers you need to measure your email success by.

Take a listen,

Daniel Latto


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Podcast 5 Replay – Why You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing In Your Business Right Now

Social Media has clearly been around for a long time, but as a Property Investor & Business Owner, are you using it correctly ?
During this podcast, i’ll talk through some of the strategies that you should be using Social Media Marketing for.

As part of the 3 rules towards Financial Freedom in the next 5 years, we’re always looking to cover how to :

1. Cut Costs
2. Generate Cash
3. Invest the rest,

This podcast helps cover #2, Generating Cash – and Social Media is a mechanism by which we can generate more potential leads, build credibility in the market place and generate more cash.

If you’re not using Social Media to engage with your potential audience (and not just share pictures of cats), then you’re business is missing out on this resource that has the potential to literally transform your business.

I personally generate thousands each month through social media into my coaching practice, and so I know how vital a resource it can be once used correctly.

Hope you enjoy this podcast,
Daniel Latto



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Podcast 89 – Focus On The Journey, And Not The Result

We’re often focussed on the wrong things.

Sometimes, we don’t even know what we should actually be focussed on.

Is it the result ?

Is it the Journey ?

Is it the money ?

But it all seems like so much effort, there’s just so much to do 🙁

Take a listen to the podcast, and all will be revealed !

Daniel Latto


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Podcast 78 – Smell Your Way To Success

We literally live in a crazy world where EVERY SINGLE BIT helps.

We call it the tipping point, and it happens with videos, podcasts and the way you look, carry yourself, and yes .. the way you smell.

But this isn’t about what others think of you. It’s about how you think of yourself. And SMELL, believe it or not, is one of those things that can easily change the way you feel. Remember the smell of your partners aftershave or perfume, or the way your newborn baby smells (no, not the nappy side of things, but the smell of your baby).

Smell is a powerful thing. It doesn’t cost much to take full advantage of this little uplifter !

Crazy podcast, crazy subject – you’re welcome !

Daniel Latto


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Podcast 75 – How To Get Out Of A Rut

So how do you get out of being in a rut ?

During this podcast I talk about some of the challenges that we all face during growing our businesses (including me with Facebook Ads and Squeeze Pages!)

I cover some of the distractions that are available and what you can do to get back on track.

It’s really simple, and oh so obvious. But we tend to stick with the problem and sit at our desk until we resolve it. But often the answers come from outside of where we are.

So take a listen and let me know what you think !

Daniel Latto


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Marketing From The Buyer’s Viewpoint Instead Of Selling

I often hear from people that they can’t sell their product or service to their potential customers.  I often hear how Facebook and Google ads don’t work because people never buy from them.  But is this really true or are they selling instead of creating opportunities to buy?  Are they really understanding their potential clients mindset and are they able to plant thoughts of buying into their minds?

This is where I see a lot of people letting themselves down and also letting their potential clients down.  These potential clients need these products or services and if you aren’t giving them the opportunity to buy, you are letting them down.

Instead people go into the blame game and make it out to be everyone elses fault that they aren’t doing things the right way.  Instead of trying to go for the kill and create instant buyers you need to be nurturing buyers into a place where they want to buy from you without having buyers remorse afterwards.

So here are some things that you need to be aware of about your buyers in order to help them to buy from you.

Change Of Event Circumstances

In property I talk about this a lot.  I set up my leaflet dropping campaigns around this principle.  When people go through a major life changing event, they are often in a position where they need some help outside of the norm.  In property this is where you will find your motivated sellers.  Here are the 4 D’s that I work my leaflets around:

  1. Death
  2. Divorce
  3. Debt
  4. Departure

If someone is in one of these 4 stages, they are in need of a quick sale as there are legal issues that need to be cleared up as quickly as possible.  You can help them with being able to speed up this process and move on quickly.  Of course when dealing with someone who is in one of these stages it is very important that you act out of integrity and that you don’t take advantage of them.  Doing that is going to leave them with buyers remorse and they won’t be recommending you to other people they know.  They’ll be doing the opposite.  Make sure that you create a deal that gets you and them to both win.

Not Wanting To Be Embarrassed

car-outside-housePeople in these types of situations will most likely be feeling a dent in their pride.  They want a solution but not everyone wants other people to know what is happening because they feel embarrassed.  They don’t want to have a For Sale sign outside of their family home.  They want everything doing discretely.

This is where you can target a portion of your marketing.  You can provide a quick sale service for people without having to go through all of the embarrassment. This also means that you have to do certain things for these types of people.

  • Don’t park outside their house when you call round
  • Don’t put their cases studies on social media (or anywhere else!)
  • Again, be fair and create a win-win situation for them

Wanting To Be Taken Out Of Pain

Some people from the 4 D’s above are just wanting someone to come along and take them out of their pain as soon as possible.  All they want is for the deal to be done and to move on as quick as possible.  These people might be happier to be seen on social media than the last group.  After you have helped them, they will feel relieved as long as you have created that win-win situation.

You can set your marketing up for these people by talking about the type of pain that they are going through and how you can help them get out of pain.  Talk to them about the ease of the process and how you are going to help them along the way.  You may have to guide them along the journey and do a bit of hand holding to help them get to the end point.  Just remember that they are in a place of pain and they may not always react the way that they would when they are in a better place.

Podcast 74 – When You Increase The Amount of ORDER, Your Amount of Success Increases

So I was thinking about the differences between those that get success, and those that don’t.

The main difference I realised was about how much the person changes and adapts to a new style of living that is most likely to end up with being successful.

What are these differences ?

Well, one MAJOR difference is the ability to be increasingly organised the more successful they become.

Take a listen and let me know what you think,

Daniel Latto


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