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Neil Patel On How He Lost 1 Million Dollars When He was 21!

For all those people that are making money, they’ve made mistakes and probably have lost millions and millions of dollars.

Neil Patel shares key business advice he has learned from his personal experience losing 1 million dollars when he was 21.




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Warning – Controversial (But hear me out!) | Daniel Latto VLOG | Why Being Poor Is A Choice

Yep – I know it’s a controversial headline.

But watch the video and let me explain why.

I know many will just comment based on the headline alone, but the context of what I’m saying is mega important as to why I think that, and why, for those people who are struggling financially, they are best placed to do something about it in these modern times in which we live.

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Daniel Latto | How Does Your VALUES SYSTEM Affect Your Results

Your values are formed in your early years in what’s called your ‘IMPRINT PERIOD’ – these tend to stay with most people for the rest of their life.

So what this means is that literally, your results are born out of these values that are installed at a young age.

So unless you do some work around these, you’ll tend to get the same results.

There are exceptions of course, and doing things like learning new skills, and learning to focus better and work harder will help, but ultimately it’s your values that affect your results.

So – you can spend the rest of your life trying to make the change, or you can JUST MAKE THE CHANGE.

And thats where my Life Enhancement Activation Programme comes in.

Daniel Latto Video | Are you investing in yourself?

To get the changes you want in your life you have to keep investing.

You have to keep pushing the boundaries as to what is possible forward.

You’re either growing or you’re dying.

So if you’re not going out there and getting the changes that you need to make the life that you want, then you’re slowly dying.

Make the difference. Invest in yourself.

It pays off time and time again even when it’s not feelilng like it.

Daniel Latto Video | Prague – Keep The learnings Coming

So 2 weeks ago I was in Prague.

Prague is such a beatiful city, and whilst we were contiuing our learning process, we also had a chance to look around and take in the sights, the history and the wonderful architecture.

More importantly though was the continual learning that I’ve agreed needs to happen in my life so that I can evolve as a person and help as many people as possible given the tools in my possession (Namely hypnosis, NLP and the shifts that these can bring to a persons life)

Hope you enjoy the video – speak soon

Daniel Latto Vlog | A Day At The Cannes Yacht Festival

So I had an opportunity to go to the Cannes Yacht Festival and help to sell one of the 5 Million Euro Yachts there.

Had an awesome time, did some video work for one of the guys there which went out to his list and just generally helped out.

An awesome experience, and one that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t set the ball rolling and jumped on the opportunity when it came up.

You only have one life, so go for what you want in it.

Daniel Latto | Podcast 119 – But What If I Fail?


It can stop us dead in our tracks.

It can lie to us and tell us that we’re not good enough, that our idea sucks, and that maybe, we should just go and get a job.

But remember, failure lies to us.

What it’s really saying is ‘keep going’ and ‘you’re worth it’ and ‘You’ll get there, I’m just testing you’.

So what do we do?

Listen to failure and you will let it dictate your entire future.

Take it by the horns and give it a good telling off, and you can use it to propel your future forward.

Take a listen …

Step inside the new $20 million Embraer Legacy 500 jet

So, when are you getting yours ?

The Embraer Legacy 500 is a $20 million luxury business jet with room for 8 to 12 passengers.

It is completely customizable.

The interior features fully reclining seats.

Personal touchscreens control the cabin.

It is equipped with a full-glass cockpit, giving pilots more space and a clearer view.

It cruises at 536 mph with a range of 3,596 miles.

“YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT I WENT THROUGH!” – Intense Motivation (Epic Inspiring Speech) David Goggins

Determined to become the ‘hardest man alive,’ David Goggins is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to have completed Navy SEAL Training, the U.S. Army Ranger and Air Force tactical air controller training.

Completing over 50 endurance races, Goggins has lived through the unthinkable to strengthen his mind and body.

This is one of the most powerful interviews and edits I’ve ever seen, so motivational, inspiring and passionate. What an incredible speech by David Goggins.

WARNING: Are You “Playing” Business?

Do you “play” business?

Chris and Jason have a lot of different examples of how people play business versus do business.

Whether you’re having meetings just to have them, going to lunches with the wrong people, or driving to properties where the deal won’t turn into anything, you must value your time.

People, properties, and to do list activities must be prequalified so that every moment of your day is optimally utilized – avoid situations where there is no goal or outcome in mind.

They suggest that if you have free time, the best way to fill it up is to work on marketing or personal development.

How to Follow Up After a Business Networking Event

Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman shares 3 tips to help small business owners become more effective at following up with people after attending a networking event.


If we’re going to take time out of our day to attend an event and meet other business owners, it’s important to create a plan to follow up with them to see if there may be ways to work together or collaborate on projects in the future.

Daniel Latto | VLOG 2 : Summertime Fun in The Swimming Pool

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I’ve got to admit, it’s not all work, work, work.

In fact a large proportion of my time is in the pool.

It’s just so bloody warm, it’s the only way to cool down. (That and endless frozen lollies which does my waistline no good at all)

Anyway – another glorious day here at the Villa by The Med.

Wife and little one enjoying the pool just as much as me, even if I get a little bored and need to interrupt her reading.

You know, it’s taken a lot of time, effort, blood sweat and tears to both buy my property investments but also to keep them.

All of this comes from buying property, renting it out and keeping positive cashflow each and every month so that we get to decide when we work, where we work, and with who we work.

If you’re not cutting costs right now, looking at how to make more money, and then investing the difference between those two figures, then you potentially have a life in work.

Or, after you have invested and built up enough assets, you can get to make the same or similar choices we did too.

It takes sacrifice (I fly to the UK every 2 weeks to see my 2 children there, which means I’m not with the wife and the little one here in Spain)

Is it worth it ?

What do you think.

Is it a pain getting all of those flights every year ?

It sure is.

Would I change it ?

No way. I chose this life. I decided I wanted to make it happen, and it only happened because I made the difficult choices, and took the action over a number of years to make this reality come true.

Are we finished ?

Not yet. There’s always more to do – but for today, it was fun in the pool with the family.

Questions ?

I’m happy to answer them.

Download my Wealth Podcasts here :

Robots are about to take over the world !! Take a look …

That science fiction future where robots can do what people and animals do may be closer than you think. Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics, is developing advanced robots that can gallop like a cheetah, negotiate 10 inches of snow, walk upright on two legs and even open doors and deliver packages. Join Raibert for a live demo of SpotMini, a nimble robot that maps the space around it, handles objects, climbs stairs — and could soon be helping you out around the house.

The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more.

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