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3 ‘MORE’ Basic Foundations for Growing Your Business


I’m often asked about how you grow your business, and there are lots of ways of course.

But there are also 3 basic principles that are key to the foundation of growth of a business.

They are

  1. Reaching your target market : The problem for many, is that their marketing message is often way off the market.  You see, in marketing, you have to fish where the fish are; that is, if you’re placing an advert where your ideal customer isn’t going, then it’s wasted.  So have you identified your target market exactly? Who is it? What Age? What are there interests?Many clients often cite ‘well, everyone needs what I sell’ and whilst they may be technically correct, targeting ‘everyone’ isn’t really targeting.  This may be the reason why some of your marketing isn’t working – it’s not targeted tightly enough at your target audience.
  2. Trust : You need to give your customers exactly what you have promised them.  So many times have I bought a product (especially some internet related software product) that promises to do a particular task, only to have it fail completely, or just not perform with the results that they promised in the first place.So I guess the question for you is, where can you easily OVER DELIVER on your promises in your business?  Imagine the difference that makes, and in particular about how many people they will then tell about their experience – that’s what makes the difference and allows you to grow your business quicker.
  3. Value : This ties into #2, are you providing enough value for the price your customer is paying?  Near where I used to live in England, there is a Tapas place that serves very nice food.  But the problem are the portion sizes – they’re tiny. I feel let down. So we don’t go there any more.The value isn’t there on the amount of food they provide.  You know what, they could even put their prices up, but only if they actually sold more of the food they served !

    I remember my granddad telling me once he went into a pub and asked them if they would like to know how to sell more beer.

    “Yes, of course we would” the pub landlord said.

    “Try filling the pints up properly then” was his response.

    Stuck with me for years has that one.  Now, i’m not saying you just give twice as much as normal, but if the product you sell is scrimping along the edges, chances are you’re losing custom.

So, let’s recap, target the right market, build trust and provide value – a fabulous recipe for any business destined to grow.

It’s so important to me that you take this opportunity to streamline your business, that i’m offering something incredibly valuable to you … MY TIME.


It’s the one thing I can’t get any more of, so I respectfully ask that you value it.


I have for you, a free Business Strategy Session, where we can sit down (via Skype) and discuss openly your business, where it’s going and whats stopping it from being as successful as you would like.


This Business Strategy Session is valued at £147, and it’s yours, but you have to apply for it. Because it’s valuable.


Here’s the link, so go ahead, and apply for your Free Business Strategy Session now, and get ready to start making a difference in way your business is run.

Shiny Penny Syndrome

I recently finished a Business Coaching Session, where the client had lots of different projects on the go, but none of them seemed to be going anywhere.


In addition to this, they had some more ‘things’ that they would like to do in addition to what they where already doing.


The problem here is obvious when you’re looking at someone else doing this, but harder to realise that you (and me!) also do this.


It’s called the ‘shiny penny’ and we flit from one to another in the hope that if we throw enough mud at the wall, it will stick.


Well, it doesn’t work that way im afraid. We have to focus on one thing, and do that incredibly well.


Just this weekend, I took my kids swimmng, they’re 8 and 5 years of age. The youngest one is still in arm bands and we’re trying to get her swimming and build her confidence.  Anyway, she took off the arm bands and swum a little, and then a bit more and then a bit more and ended up swimming half a width of the pool – not much, but for a 5 year old, it’s really far.


When she did that, she said “Daddy, I can do it on my back now too” and I replied that I would prefer her to be able to do this one thing really well, and when she gets good at that to then move onto back stroke.


And it’s the same in your business.  If you’re marketing isn’t very good then stick with it until it is.  Lets face it, it can only go one way.


Another thing about marketing whilst im talking about it, is that marketing COSTS MONEY. Yep – I know social media is free – but to do it properly, costs money.  If I were to give you a free airplane, you wouldnt fly it yourself just because it was free would you ?


But thats exactly what happens with something like social media, or Google Pay Per Click – people set it up themselves and it ends up costing them more money than if they paid a professional to do the work (and get professinal results)


So – are you guilty of the shiny penny syndrome ?  One of the ways to get around it is to either get a kick ass Time Management system (Like the one I use), or to get a mentor who can keep you accountable.


If you’re addicted to education (which isn’t such a bad thing), but then fall foul of not actually implementing what you have learnt, then it’s clear you need more structure in your work environment. Bigger and more successful businesses have systems in place, and they keep on track.


And thats exactly what you need – you need that structure in place and guidelines.


You need a resource and maybe more importantly a mentor that can filter out all the rubbish that goes on, keep you on track and focussed in your results, to ensure you’re not wasting your valuable time.



1. Cure yourself immediately of the “Shiny Object Syndrome” and focus onthe core of your business.

2. Build confidence in yourself knowing that you have an experienced mentor and business coach on your side.

3. Leverage real life strategies that have worked and thus save time and money on trial and error

4. Save time searching for strategies that may or may not work (more shiny objects)

5. Take advantage of Life Changing Training jam packed with Business Strategies, Mindset Shifts and an opportunity to clear out all those negative and limiting beliefs.


It’s so important to me that you take this opportunity to streamline your business, that i’m offering something incredibly valuable to youMY TIME.


It’s the one thing I can’t get any more of, so I respectfully ask that you value it.


I have for you, a free Business Strategy Session, where we can sit down (via Skype) and discuss openly your business, where it’s going and whats stopping it from being as successful as you would like.


This Business Strategy Session is valued at £147, and it’s yours, but you have to apply for it. Because it’s valuable.


Here’s the link, so go ahead, and apply for your Free Business Strategy Session now, and get ready to start making a difference in way your business is run.


If you want more training, then you can sign up for our Free Business Training via Video Here : Free Business Training

Author : Daniel Latto

Is This How You Feel In Your Business?

I love this video, as it shows exactly where most people are; working really hard but not getting anywhere.

Watch The Video : This is what having a Business Coach is about – someone on the outside looking in who can instantly spot what the problem is.

If you feel like this is you, and you would like a ‘point’ in the right direction, then come and have a chat – we offer a Free 1 hour Business & Marketing Strategy Session (Valued at £147) – it’s application only (we don’t just give them to anybody of course) – but if you complete the form properly, chances are you’re in – so click the LINK, and lets have a chat and see where we can help you specifically.

Author : Daniel Latto

Business Coaching Valencia

If you’re now at the stage where you want to move your business to the next level, then getting an Experienced Business Coach in Valencia is the next step.

Daniel Latto was nominated for Small Business Coach of the Year 2013 and continues to help Business Owners grow their business, increase revenues and increase the amount of time they take off.

We start by identifying where you are currently, and what you would like to move towards.  Then we work out the steps that will get you there.  We turn the dream into a plan, and then turn the plan into actionable steps that will make you reach your dream.  It’s that simple.

Daniel, was a great coach, he was full of praise (providing we did completed activities and tasks we decided and agreed on all together). His hands on approach works very well, he would encourage us to create the answers we needed which were there all along, but the best form of influence is to make someone feel like it was their idea. 

He delivered over and above what we asked of him and in the process we made a very good friend. 
He has an extensive knowledge of NLP he is always looking for new opportunities. 
If you want to be inspired and develop your psychology at the same time, led by a man that pushes himself as hard as he pushes his clients, Dan is your man.” February 7, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative – Benjamin Leppier

Having a Business Coach in Valencia can be the difference between settling for where you are now, and getting to where you want to be.

I saw a video recently of a very drunk man trying to get up a ‘down’ escalator.  He was trying really hard (about 10 minutes worth) but was going no-where.  Eventually, some kind soul came along and pointed him in the right direction (namely onto the ‘up’ escalator).  Needless to say, he went zooming to the top !

This is the same for many business owners, sometimes, they just need someone to point them in the right direction and off they go.  They’re already working hard, just sometimes not on the right things.

I’ve seen so many business struggle to move forward when the answer is really simple, but they just don’t know it yet – thats the advantage of booking a Business Coach.  It’s impossible to know everything yourself as you continue to work on your business, which is why we work on our skills, so that we can pass on those that can make an instant difference in your business

To Book Your Business Coach in Valencia Now just call 0113 3147707 now!


Author : Daniel Latto

Negative Equity Leeds

 Negative Equity in Leeds?


Then this article is for you.

What is negative equity Leeds?

Negative equity Leeds is when you have a home where the value is lower than the total amount of all secured mortgage and loans placed upon it.

So, for example your if your home has a market value of 100,000, but the amount that you owe on your mortgage is more say 110,000, this means you have negative equity Leeds of 10,000 on your home.

So basically, you now owe more than your home is worth.

This of course makes it harder to sell, as you now need to find this ‘shortfall’ of £10,000, which can obviously be quite difficult depending on your circumstances.

It’s quite a common occurance and can be through no fault of your own.

If you bought when prices were high and they have dropped, then you’ll come across this problem with Negative Equity in Leeds.

It could also be that you have bought and the remortgaged and taken more money out and then the prices have dropped.

Either way it means that you owe more than the home is worth and will now find it diffcult to sell.

However, we have a solution for those who live in Leeds and find themselves in Negative Equity.

We can take over your mortgage payments UNTIL the price has risen enough for you to either sell the home to us, or we’ll help you sell it.

It’s called a Lease Option, and it gives us the option to purchase your home at a price we agree now. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to move on with your life rather than worrying about the home.

Effectively, we’re renting the home from you and covering all the costs includng the mortgage, the boiler, any repairs and so on.

We’ve done lots of these types of deals in our 16 year experience and have helped lots of people move on with their lives and not be held back by the negative equity in the home.

So if this may suit you, then just fill in the form.

There is no need to get stressed out about Negative Equity in Leeds, because we have a great solution that can help you.

Just complete the form and lets see how we can help,

speak soon,

Author : Daniel Latto

Business Coaching in Leeds

Throughout the concept of business, there are a variety of things that you can do to provide yourself the extra edge which is the distinction between success and failure. Business coaching programs are a superb way to understand a few of the hidden competencies and strategies that will set your business apart from your competition.


The line between overcoming your competitors and falling behind and ultimately losing sight of business can be a thin line. Any business owner who is serious about what they’re doing will want to know every advantage that they can get access to. In the age of the Internet, you are no longer competing with other businesses within your own local community; you are competing with businesses that could be around the world.

Business Coaching helps uncover fundamentals that may be missing in your business.

For the exact same reason that professional  athletes have a coach; working together with them day in and day out, even though they are already some of the best at what they do, is mainly because there is always going to be something to master, something to develop upon. The same holds true for business owners.


It doesn’t make a difference whether you have already been running your small business for 15 years, 25 years, or even just simply a few months; business coaching strategies can be explicitly designed to help you learn the best techniques to approach your business that will help you create the a lot of profit.

What exactly are usually some of the things you can understand through having a Business Coach?

Understanding leadership skills is  one of the most powerful aspects of being a business owner. Anyone can manage employees, but it takes a specific kind of particular person for you to be a leader. It is the frontrunners that tend to be able to drive companies from average success stories to incredible businesses through the years.

Also, when you take a business coach, you will begin to understand the dynamics associated with promoting and advertising. It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or has a physical presence. Marketing is very important to get the word out there as well as deliver prospective buyers in. If you do not pay enough attention to promoting, then you are going to find it challenging to keep up with the competition due to the fact they are the ones who are going to be advertising.


Through specific business coaching strategies, you will understand about time management and why it is important to not micromanage the folks doing the job for you. You want to be engaged in every business decision and aspect, however you only have so many hours in the day. You cannot take on everything yourself. It doesn’t make any difference exactly what size your business is; there are going to be many aspects that need to be dealt with.


It’s amazing how many professional business owners improve from having a Business Coach – is it about time you took a look too ?

I know how important these are -Thats why I offer an HOUR of my time working through whatever it is that’s stopping you.


Business & Marketing Strategy Session
Value (£147)

But I don’t give these to just anybody – because my time is just as important as yours.

And many people won’t the form in properly, because they want the shortcut route (there isn’t one) to success.

In addition to this, too many people are to afraid to fill something in because it makes their position in life real.  And thats scary as hell.

But some people, recognise that either the pain is greater than filling in this form, or they’ll know that quite soon, if they don’t begin to take the action they need to take, then it’s going to be an even greater painful process at some point in the near future.

We all go through ‘stuff’ – and sometimes, while we’re going through it, its very difficult to see where the opportunities are … and thats because we’re so busy looking out for the obstacles that we fail to see the opportunitues that can carry us through.

So, Apply for your Free Strategy Session now.


Business & Marketing Strategy Session
Value (£147)



Author : Daniel Latto

Business coaches are a lot similar to personal trainers.

Business Coaches are similar to Personal Trainers.  People turn to them when they need help achieving their goals.

Hard work signifies a lot in business, and it can get business owners fairly close to where they want to be.   Most often, it’s the final  small action toward success that is the most difficult. A coach can help you get  there.

Compare this reasoning to your health and fitness goals. Sure, you’re  reducing the fats and carbohydrates from your diet regime and you’re hitting the  gym three times a week, but you can’t seem to lose those last few  kilos.

A personal trainer will work with you to make sure you maximize your  gym time and perfect your diet. And thats when you get to achieve your greatest fitness  goal.

Just like gym sessions, business-coaching sessions aren’t always easy and they can be a little uncomfortable. And just like a personal trainer, a business coach can only support your business if you’re prepared for change and willing to acknowledge responsibility

The coach’s task is to demonstrate  to you your potential.  People often know whenever something isn’t  correct, but they choose to look past it. A business coach can help you discover  your  problem and drive you to do well because they bring a professional,  outside  perspective, honest feedback and proven strategy to shift you to the next level  of achievement.

Before getting a Small Business Coach, you will find five  important questions to ask:

Can this coach do what he says he can do?
– Talk  with the business coach about his or her skills, and then ask to talk with his  or her clients. Their comments will provide you with a better a feeling of the  coach’s expertise.

Will this coach really do what he says he will do? -Research the coach’s previous clients and look for a track record of  accomplishment.

Is this person someone I would like to work with? – Plan a telephone call  with your future coach to make sure you get along. If you hire him  or her, you’ll have to work together through demanding conversations and  scenarios to build your team and your business.

Does this coach serve my  style? – Find a coach who has experience in your business style. Not necessarily  industry-specific, because often times instruction can vary from business to  business, but more so size specific. Some coaches, like me, focus  on  entrepreneurial businesses while others work with large companies. What  worksfor a small $5-20 million business may not apply to a multi-billion dollarcompany.

Can I afford the time and money required for a private coach? -Prepare to invest in your company’s success. Some coaches charge hourly and cost  between £50 and £500 an hour. (In this industry, you really do get what you pay for).  Others charge monthly and cost between £7,000 and £24,000 a year

The cost varies by the amount of contact you receive.   Some get togethers with your coach may only be an hour long while others  last all day. Some coaches meet month-to-month and others prefer quarterly meetings.   Figure out what works for you before you price it out.

Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins said: “If you do what you’ve always done,you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
That statement is especially true when we talk about reaching new heights in your business.   A coach can help you do more  than what you’ve already done, but you must be willing and ready to listen, learn & grow.


Author : Daniel Latto

How many Coaches do you need for Success?

I’m often asked whether I have my own  coach or not.

Well, the answer is .. YES – of course I have.

Not only that, right at this very point in time, I actually have TWO coaches. My first coach is to help with the business – ensure i’m on track with my goals and targets and doing the actions that will get me there.

The 2nd coach is a Mindset coach, which again makes sure that on a regular basis, im behaving ‘on purpose’ and ensuring any negative beliefs that pop up from time to time (yep – I get them too just like everyone else) – and we we can remove these belief systems that aren’t helping.

So – the only question is .. if you haven’t got a coach yet – why not ?

If you’re performing at a particular level, what are you doing to get onto the next level ?

If you’re response was ‘working harder’ then im afraid to say – you’ll just end up working harder all your life.

Although hard work is a pre-requisite to getting what you want out of life, you have to be setting higher goals and targets – the problem isnt that you’re aiming too high and fail, it’s usually that you are aiming too low and hit them.

Bigger goals and targets often seem unsurmountable, and thats because you havent got the skill sets in place yet to achieve them (and have yet to even identify what skills you may need) – and so you just work harder and harder all the time.

The other side of it is your ‘wealth thermostat’ is probably stuck where it has been for the last few years – unless you resolve this, just working harder will get you pretty much the same results.

So now the question is : What are you going to do differently now?

One of those may be getting a coach that can lead/direct you towards your goals.

Why not set up a strategy call with me, and lets take a look at what this is costing you in your life right now – you’ll be surprised at exactly what its costing, and you probably believe its not that much – when actually, it’s costing you everything.

But you’ll only know if you make that call – if you’re ready to step up in the game of life, pick up the phone, and lets get started.

Call now – and lets get you started with your first Strategy Session – 0113 3147707

Benefits of a Business Coach

A lot of Business Owners can enjoy the benefits of business coaching. The important point is to make certain you are engaging with a Business Coach so that you can identify the bits of your business to work on.

Most people actually have a pretty good business, it’s just the small bits that can be easily fixed once they have identified exactly what they are.

Many business owners for example, have a very low level of knowledge your business coach has in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, growing your email lists and effectively marketing your business will clearly have an effect in the results you get.

It is very important that you decide on a business coach that recognises the sort of advice and support that you need.  Many of my clients start off for example, having no time, not enough customers and can’t make ends meet.

Getting their life back is usually their number two priority, right after actually being able to get enough income to do so !

I tend to find that most of the issues your business face are the same as every other business. You need to understand how to market your business, you need a focus on customer service, and you need to know how to control your costs.

But it’s the actual ‘doing’ of the business that prevents business owners from taking the right action to actually grow their business.

Only this morning did a potential client say “im ok for now because i’m busy thanks” – no doubt will coming knocking again when they’re not so busy, ah – but then can’t afford the coaching.  How many businesses go round this roller coaster eh ?

You can make sure the Business Coach you use has the experience in to understand what the problems your business is facing actually are, and can give you advice that will help you to move your business forward.

I’ve seen Life Coaches try and do business coaching, and whilst on some level they may have a level of success in removing some limiting belief systems you may have, they know nothing about Business Systems Processes, and the largest income they’ve ever earned is the £30k a year from coaching, rather than dealing with hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenues from a ‘proper business’ (yep – controversial or what !)

With a combination of one to one business coaching, peer to peer mastermind group meetings and an online portal of useful content targeted to help business owners, our Business Coaching helps CEOs and Entrepreneurs get different perspectives for their business issues and opportunities, and enables them to grow their business quickly.

How quickly is dependent on how much effort the business owner wants to put in, and how much they listen to outside help of course.

It can be done, and we’ve got the track record to prove it.

Why not email us and see how we can help your business ?


Author : Daniel latto

Business Coaching : Writing a book – is it a profit centre or a lead magnet ?

So in a Business Coaching call I had in Leeds recently, my client had his initial Business Coaching call.  He has a book thats been published and has a Kindle version coming out shortly.
When I asked how much the book was being sold for – it was over £10 – when I asked how much for the Kindle – it was going to be about the same price.
So then ensued a conversation as to what the book was for.
Is it a profit centre, or is it a method to get as many people to read it as possible.  You see, when someone reads your book, your ‘placing’ the person in your environment – you’re getting them to think like you are, and during that process the brain is engaged to your way of thinking.
Now if thats the case, then you could use the book as a good ‘lead magnet’ to upselling them to more products or services.
Now the question here of course is … you do have a clear path that the client can follow, one product after another with a clear upsell so that if the client wants to continue their journey with you, then they can.
Many business don’t have a ‘sales ladder’ – they have their big main product and end up trying to sell that straight away, only to wonder why they’re not closing the business.  For some customers, its just too big a jump.
Whereas, if you can sell them your kindle book at £2 or £3 – then they will read that, and then get to know you, and your products or services.  Then they’re beginning to build trust and begin to understand your way of thinking.
At that point, you now start to have a clear path that you can upsell the client to – each step is a process to sell the next step – each product s to build up towards selling your main product.  When you do this, your income also increases, as you now have your ‘starter’ products that people can buy into, and then you end up selling more of your main product anyway.
So the question again is – do you sell your kidnle book for £10 as a profit centre (how many of those do you need to sell to make profit), or do you drop the price to £2 or £3 and start to sell more products between this one and the more expensive main product you have.
Once you have a sales ladder in place, then you’ll have a better idea.
If you havent got a sales ladder in place, then we need to chat – and the Business Booster Coaching Session is a perfect seesion for us to do so.
Not only will you come away with a clear path as to how to move forward, but you will also understgand the steps that can help you get there.  Plus, you’ll know if having a business coach is a great way for you to move forward with your business.
Author : Daniel Latto

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