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How To Source Property Deals | Property Sourcing

How To Source Property Deals

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I’ve spoken to many people who want to learn how to source property deals or how to become a property sourcer.

There are lots of training courses on it that you can attend or of course, you can download my own property sourcing training thats on my website.

But one of the biggest questions I get is : How do I source property deals? So in this LIVE video I discuss where you can source property deals from.

If you want to get the complete training for a very low price, then you can do that here –

Thats over 90 videos across 14 different modules that you show step by step how to be a property sourcer.

Sign up, learn and implement and you can begin your journey to being a property sourcer too.

Daniel Latto

Content Creation Agency | Entrepreneur | Investor | Business Mentor | Property Coach

Why I decided NOT to attend the National Achievers Congress this week

Why I decided NOT to attend the National Achievers Congress this week

So I was in Birmingham anyway, as I’d flown over for Comic Con (my first), I’d added one of my one day events for existing clients into the timings too, and then decided to extend my stay for the National Achievers Congress (NAC) because both Gary Vee and Grant Cardone were speaking.

So it was like an 8 day road trip, mixed in with some fun, some business, some value for clients etc along with the NAC at the end of it.

However, yesterday I flew home instead back to the shoreline of the Mediterranean coast.

I’ve seen both Grant and Gary before and listened to their podcasts – and they’re very good speakers of course.

But spending time back with my family was much more important this time around, despite the fact that I’d spent every day with them since my last road trip whenever that was back over summer maybe.

Perhaps as I’m getting older I’m ‘maturing’ into doing what ‘proper grown ups do’ (you know, responsible and all that)

I’m 47 and still feel like a 22 year old which I think is probably normal until the knees stiffen on a morning and I remember I’m older than I feel.

But I sense it’s more likely a realisation that their messages were no longer quite for me.

I may be wrong on this count of course and I’ll probably still listen to their message.

But my situation is different than most these days, but my mind still hasn’t quite come to terms with it, so I end up doing what everyone else is doing, which is HUSTLE 24/7.

Make yourself busy. Get WORK done.

Go to sleep that little but later and up that little bit earlier, add MORE onto your plate including unattainable results across far too many areas.

So I decided to stop.

To not do that.

And to come home instead.

I’m not reliant on my business to generate my income these days, in fact, my property income outweighs my business income significantly and will continue to do so as we follow up on our property sourcing deals and add more property into the mix.

So in other words, I don’t need to ‘Hustle’ and work 24/7.

But until now I hadn’t quite realised that yet.

That’s not to say the job is over.

There’s always a risk that one change in government policy can have a disasterous affect (even worse than Section 24).

It could be that national licensing of property comes in at £850 a property and it’s one massive hit all in one go – literally tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds having to be spent on a useless bit of paper because the councils need extra cash.

I realised as well that although I admire Grant and Gary, I no longer wish to be them (Perhaps I never did)

I just want to be me, but I also want to get clear on who ‘me’ actually is.

Comic Con showed me a side of people that were ready to freely express themselves as whoever they wanted to be, and whatever that happened to be was totally fine.

I’m not a “Grant Cardone” who has turned his addiction (on pretty much everything from sex to drugs to whatever else) into an addiction into business and cleverely managed to insert his whole lifestyle into it

– let’s face it there’s only one Grant Cardone and it’s great to aspire, but I think folks need to understand what’s under the bonnet to find what makes him tick and why he works the way he does.

I’m glad he’s there, I appreciate his position, I’m in Cardone University for example.

I’m also not Gary Vee (Although I do like to say the word ‘fuck’ a lot as if to highlight certain points).

But I disagree with the 24/7 HUSTLE PORN that he puts out there.

I think you can spend too much time working plus all the learning and being inspired instead of actually doing stuff that makes the biggest difference in your life.

So that’s what I decided to do – spend this week better organising myself to get the most out of life for me.

I’ve allocated time in my calendar to read more and work less.

I’ve allocated time to maintain the weight loss and increase fitness, but in what could be a balanced manner.

I hope everyone who goes to the National Achievers Congress get’s what they need out of it.

But I actually got more out of Comic Con than I suspect I would from the NAC.

And for some reason I’m really satisfied with that realisation.

Distractions! They’re everywhere we look.

Or don’t look (we see them anyway!)

It’s the business persons Achilles heel (mine too)

And when we first start out as business owners, we normally have 2 or 3 (or more!) businesses – and none of them are working very well.

And I’m very much the same.

But recognising when you’re taking on too much is vital.

And it’s ok to get one business up and running first and make it generate positive cashflow and then start up another is fine, as long as the first business doesn’t rely on you specifically.

Take my Digital Marketing Business for example.

When I first started this business up, I’d already decided that it was never going to be me sitting creating images and editing videos – especially when I can employ the right people with 10 years experience in doing just images or just videos.

It just made perfect sense to get the right people in to do the right jobs.

Which is why the business works so well.

Heck – I don’t even deal with the day to day clients anymore as they get a one on one content co-ordinator to speak with every 2 weeks to discuss what content they want created.

But what that then allows me to do is to check in with clients from time to time, get on the phone with them, check how everything is going, and allow them time to plan their business a little bit more with me on the call guiding them.

It’s a great symbiosis that’s working incredibly well.

And one of the extra benefits I’ve noticed with clients is that because we’re so organised in what we need from them, they automatically begin to systemise their own business.

Emails are now getting scheduled.

Plans are being drawn up well in advance.

It’s like the business is finally maturing into a well oiled machine because the planning allows much more to get done.

There’s still the distractions of course.

But they’ll always be distractions.

As long as it’s not interrupting your business growth because you now have the business systemised with regular content going out like clockwork, it doesn’t matter.

We now have clients taking a week off, and nobody even notices because the business is still firing on all cylinders.
So if you would like to experience the same, just drop me a pm.

So we spent part of yesterday planning next years holiday – campsite in southern France in Languedoc.

So we spent part of yesterday planning next years holiday – campsite in southern France in Languedoc.

I love planning well in advance – it’s easy to allocate funds for without using any credit.

So the idea is over a 10 month period you save whatever you need to hit the target.

So over 10 months, it could be £150 a month (£1,500)

Or if the holiday is £5,000 – then you allocate £500 every month.

I love work it out in this manner, as large purchases can be spread over a year or two.

Lets take the car (PICTURED) as an example.

This is basically £38,000.

So that’s £1,055 over 3 years and it’s paid for in CASH.

This means for the next 3 years, you drive a piece of shit until you’ve saved up enough money to buy this depreciating item.

You can save for anything like this.

Fancy a drone ?

You can get a DJI Mavic 2 ‘Zoom ‘ for £1100.

Thats less than £100 a month for 12 months.

Even better, buy 2nd hand at £900 – and by the time you’ve saved enough up, there’ll be more on the market and cheaper too.

Forward planning is what it takes.

Plan everything ahead, then start allocating funds.

Take your laptop for example – we all know that in 2 to 3 years, you’re going to need a new laptop.

So have a laptop fund.

£100 a month over 24 months will get you THE top of the range laptop.

So you should have that money allocated each and every month because ITS GOING TO HAPPEN – you’re going to need a new laptop.

So rather than use credit to buy an item that depreciates as soon as you buy it, use actual cash, saved up and allocated.

We live monthly, so we should budget monthly.

Never worry about the journey you’re on.

Working 40/50/60 hours is whats needed usually at the start to get you to the point where you can use that investment in time you’ve spent to get a return.

Funny, but the amount of time you put into something USUALLY gives an equal return

All things being equal of course (which they are not)

So as well as putting the time in what else do you need

– need to work on the right things
– need to get the right team in place
– need to maintain a positive mental attitude (no twitter, no news!)
– need to plug the right skill gaps
– need to identify which resources will accelerate your results

Sometimes the journey can take a few years, sometimes it’s 10-15 depending on what you do, how you do it and the amount of time and effort you put in to it.

The problem we sometimes face (including me) is that you don’t want to look like you’re working ‘too hard’ – you’re trying to make it look easy and that you know what you’re doing.

The reality is none of us having a clue really about how something will turn out.

Even if you do everything right, you can still lose.

Even if you spend all hours, you can still not get the result.

But the real results come from the growth you’ve just experienced from taking on the challenge.

And that my friends, is where most people stop.

They don’t want to work hard, they want it to come easy.

But you learn jack shit when it’s easy.

Your biggest learnings come from facing challenges and adversity, and this is what you want to experience (although the reality of going through it is painful, it’s where you growth will come from)

As you go from being a level 4 person with level 5 problem which you overcome, you become a level 6 person easily solving level 5 problems in the future.

But then you’ll have level 7 problems, and then you become level 8. And so on.

So don’t see these as challenges, treat them as ‘levelling up’, even to the extent where you choose that language (it works great for dealing with negative thought)

“I’m not having problems, I’m simply levelling up.

But here’s the thing. When you level up, you don’t feel like it – it’s so subtle that you really can’t feel it.

Its just when you look back in a few years, at that point, you’ll see your growth.

Why everyone should own a Media Department within their business

The more you post content, the more people will eventually see your stuff.

The more people who see your stuff, the more interest you will get.

The more interest you get, the more leads you will get.

More leads means more sales

More sales equals more revenues

More revenue means paying down debt or investing in your business or yourself.

So it makes sense to post more valuable content.

There are 4 types of content you should be posting.

1. "I EXIST" content

this type takes the form of images or short 'pattern interruption' videos - they show that you have a presence, show what you can do and maybe have a call to action. But the important bit is that "I EXIST" - and they're posted regularly.


​this type of post can be video, or images (providing tips for example) or it can be long form copy like this.

In fact THIS is an example of a post that adds value (I'm explaining how to get noticed more on Social Media, something everyone generally wants if they're running a business).


from people you have done work for - these can take the form of images (like the one shown - an actual testimonial from an actual client).

These reinforce that we do actual work for people who really do exist (not those made up reviews that we all see from time to time on Facebook).

And they provide social proof that you know what you're talking about.


 this is what I call 'Pillar Content' - as it it's content that we can take more information out of, we can create smaller videos for example, or create a mini video series.

Sometimes we create a podcast out of it, or sometimes we get snippets to make into images.

I've even produced a document called "52 Topics To Live Stream About" - PM me if you want a copy (it's free)

The problem for most people however is this; how on Earth do you get to create ALL THIS CONTENT when you're running a business ?

- How do I create all those images, and make it look interesting?

- How do I create all those videos and have a topic to go LIVE about?

- How do I create all those video snippets - do I really have to go through all my own videos and watch them in the hope I can pull something out?

- How do I stay consistent because frankly, creating content is boring, time consuming but I don't trust anyone to do it for me?

And this is why I created my Digital Marketing Content Agency.

We know what works.

We have clients who

- paid for a years worth of content from just one deal they closed

- increasingly sold more books every month than the previous month for 6 months running

- sold out of their 1 day event (on two separate events!)

- Sold more books than Grant Cardone on Amazon for his book re-launch

- Have investors show their entire office the video we created for them and who then paid for her to fly to see them to do business.

And all of this?

Just £395 a month.

Here's the link

You can keep posting once a week with no consistency and wonder how to make this social media thing work, or you can sign up with us and see just how easy it is.

Many people see marketing as a bolt on, something that should take up zero time, as though its getting in the way.

However, it's a vital add on to any business.

That's what social media is here for.

You want your own TV show - Go LIVE on Facebook.

You want your own Radio Show - Create your own podcast

You want your own newspaper - write content and post it one article at a time (like this one)

It's right there in front of you, you just have to dedicate the time to making it happen.

What about you - what are you going to create for your business?


Change the 90/10 rule that most people seem to follow.

The 90/10 rule is this.

90% learning, reading, seminars, podcasts, etc

10% taking action.

Flip it on it’s head.

90% action.

10% learning.

I’ve just going through ALL the training courses Ive done over the last 15 years – there’s been a lot !


Even though I own millions of pounds of property.

And I own all of this property because I took 90% action on it.

– When people called me crazy.

– When people called me obsessed.

– When people called me a dreamer.

20 years in, and it’s still paying more and more income each year while our debt decreases.

That gap is increasing every single year as rents slowly increase and our level of debt decreases.

So try this.

Instead of listening to a podcast while driving.

Try barking out orders to your team via a dictaphone to upload later.
– Stuff to create, pdf’s 
– to design, 
– adverts to place
– events to put in place
– list of podcasts/videos to record
– idea for free content to give away- etc

Turn off Grant, switch off Gary, put a team in place (We can do all your images, videos and marketing of course), and start barking out orders.

Start CREATING more stuff so that you increase your visibility.

If you’re not creating content, you’re consuming it.

If you’re not earning money, you’re spending it.

If you’re not persuading people, you’re being persuaded.

Now you will need the following

– a team to get shit done
– a dictaphone to record into
– an idea how to follow up with the team
– task management software (so the team can cross stuff off as it gets done)- a car to record your thoughts in (walking is acceptable)

Let me know how that starts working out for you !

To Grow Your Business, You Must Communicate

A large part of growing your business lies in your ability co communicate with your audience.

This can be through email, or increasingly, it’s through social media channels like

– Facebook
– LinkedIn
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Pinterest

And so it still amazes me that given that social media is free to use, business owners don’t get their Content Marketing Strategy in place.

Getting regular content written up, designed and scheduled weeks in advance can increase the velocity of business growth.

This is how you should be communicating with your audience, existing customers and potential customers :

– Facebook Lives
– Short 1 minute videos
– Images
– Written copy
– Reviews / testimonials
– Emails
– Website content
– Landing Pages
– .PDF’s

and most people just post a couple of times a week when they actually remember to do it, rather than have a coherent plan to create content and schedule it to go out on a regular basis.

And so of course, that’s where we come in.

Our ‘SMMA’ product (Stands for Social Media Marketing Agency) literally does all of that for you, it’s all completely tailor made and there are two price points :

💡£395 gets you images, videos and copy written – all of it scheduled – along with 2 30 minute coaching calls with a content co-ordinator each month.

📢 £595 gets you images, videos and copy written – all of it scheduled – along with 2 30 minute coaching calls with a content co-ordinator each month PLUS PDF’s, website updates (wordpress only), Landing pages and the like. It’s just like having your own marketing department.

And when you pick one, you can step back and focus on doing everything else your business needs to do in order to grow (admin, sales, product delivery, etc) and leave all the communication to your audience to us.

In fact the most common bit of feedback we get from clients is ‘I don’t know how I could have fit all this in’ because of the sheer amount of content we create each month for clients.

Reporting – oh, and you’ll want to not only see exactly what we’ve created for you, but you’ll also want to know what effect it’s had on your business.

For this reason, we give you a monthly report that, when connected properly to all the services, will give you Google analytics data (so you can see how many visitor you had), what was the best time to post and any information about growth.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Anyway – if you’re interested in having us do your social media marketing for you, and you want to free up more time in your day, along with improving the way in way you communicate whilst at the same time stepping up on your content, then click the link below and come and take a look.

Came down this morning to find wifey playing kids Monopoly with the little one.

Came down this morning to find wifey playing kids Monopoly with the little one.

I love that you can teach financial independence at any age so that they start to pay attention to the important things in life.

I’m not saying money is the most important of things, but it’s up there next to oxygen and love.

You know if you start investing in your 20’s, with a 7% annual return, that by the time you’re 65, it’s worth 21 times more.

So that car you bought for £10,000 in your 20’s was worth £210,000 by the time you’re 65.

That £100 handbag is worth £2,100 when you’re 65.

Literally every pound is worth £21.

Now obviously, you can’t invest EVERYTHING, you still have to survive, have fun and all the rest of it.

But people are creatures of extremes.

They either invest LOADS (like I did), or they invest not at all.

(Having said that, in my late 20’s I spent a lot on stuff I didn’t need – Porsche 911’s, £1,000 nights out and so on)

So a balance is needed.

It can start by cutting costs by £100 a month, and starting to put money into a Vanguard fund tgat follows the market via an ISA, or a SIPP for your pension for later on.

Either way – you gotta cut costs, move money into investments that pay you something back later, rather than costing you every year like cars and handbags do.

With my other 2 kids, at age 8 and 12, we played Cashflow 101 – and they GOT IT.

Hopefully some of those lessons will stay with them.

But the earlier they undertsand how money works, the greater the chance they won’t have a problem with it later on in life.

glengarry glen ross speech

The Glengarry Glen Ross Speech is one of the most iconic parts of a movie of the 20th century.

In Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin even won an oscar for his 8 minute speech.

Not bad.

When you need a bit of a boost in motivation for your sales calls, just remember, that 2nd prize … is a Set Of Steak Knives !

Have You Signed Up For The Property Sourcing Compliance Training Day?

Property Sourcers…

Or those wanting to start generating an extra income from Property Sourcing – this is for you.

Many people people have been sourcing deals for years now, earning between £1,500 and £4,500 per property deal sourced.

But the ‘Rules of Engagement’ are constantly changing.

And the truth is, that unless you’re acting like an Estate Agent and have all the compliance in place, you’re actually acting breaking the law.

I know most of the big companies say there is ‘no compliance’, but they’re plane old wrong.

There is plenty of legislation out there. You are literally acting like an Estate Agent, so you MUST be compliant.

And this shouldn’t be an after thought ‘after my first deal’, being compliant should be the first step on your journey to becoming a Professional Property Sourcer.

And luckily, one of my clients, Tina Walsh runs a one day workshop where you can go and find out for yourself.

Even, better, it’s a ridiculous £57 cost.

Not only that, but you’ll also get a copy of Tinas Amazon #1 Bestselling Book included when you attend !

I know … amazing offer.

Click Here To Learn More

Look, being a Property Sourcer is a skill set that could pay you thousands of pounds every month for sourcing deals, it makes sense to do it properly, stay above the law so that you can CONTINUE to source great deals !

So save the date, and book your place.

Podcast 235 – How What We Do Affects Others Down The Chain

What we do in our present, will affect how we live our future, and the future of others.

What we do in our present, will affect how we live our future, and the future of others.

The words you use, the acts of kindness you give, they all have an effect both on yourself, and of course on others.

And when you can be the person that helps others, who in turn helps others, you can indirectly help people you've never seen or even knew existed.

Short podcast, but take a listen.